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Chapter 1152: Holding Him Tight

“I’m Princess Lan. Can’t I visit my own sister-in-law?”

Lan Ling-Er questioned the guards.

The guards had to reply frankly, “Our apologies, Your Highness. His Majesty ordered that no one can see the Queen privately, not even you, Princess Lan.”

“Not even me?”

Lan Ling-Er winked at the two behind her. Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu got her hint, took down the guards and dragged them away in no time.

Then they came into the Queen’s chamber to witness such a scene.

The woman inside had already gotten rid of her wedding gown and was throwing a long rope made of tied strips of cloth out of the back window.

She checked on the height and made sure the rope was firm enough. Then she stepped carefully onto the sill and tried to flee from there.

Upon seeing this, Huo Yunshen darted to her without hesitation and got Jing Xi down from the sill.

She would definitely be smashed if she slipped from such a soaring castle.

Xu Xiyan was caught in the middle of fleeing. Her plan was ruined and she was taken back.

Once she stepped onto the floor, she hit hard on the man behind her and cried, “Let go of me! Let go…”

“Stop, Jing Xi…”

All of a sudden Xu Xiyan was chilled upon hearing the familiar voice.

The man let go of her when she stopped struggling. Xu Xiyan turned to look at the unfamiliar face behind her and wondered why she seemed to have heard Huo Yunshen’s voice just now.

Was it an illusion?

Lan Ling-Er came to her with a faint smile and said, “So, sister-in-law, are you trying to run away from the window? Don’t you know how high it is? I swear you will be smashed if you ever tried.”

Xu Xiyan hated to see Lan Ling-Er. If it was not because of her, she would have been successfully on the run.

She had waited for so long until everyone was gathered in the main hall. The guards were the least intense at that moment. But Lan Ling-Er ruined it.

God knew how outrageous she was.

“What are you doing here?” she asked angrily.

“Definitely to help you, my sister-in-law. Aren’t you trying to run away? I have an option for you!”


Xu Xiyan stared at Lan Linger-Er doubtfully. She would never believe that she could be so kind to her. She should thank god as long as she did not try to do her harm.

“Don’t you believe me?”

Lan Ling-Er looked at her assistant Qu Na, who was taking off the mask and revealing the identical face.

Xu Xiyan was shocked, “You… You are… Alice?”

“That’s right, Jing Xi. I’m Alice,” Alice replied.

Xu Xiyan knew that Huo Yunshen had kept Alice for a while. Since Alice was here now, it meant that Huo Yunshen must have come too.

Where was he?

“So is Huo Yunshen here too?”

Xu Xiyan looked at the two tall bodyguards beside her, and recalled the voice of the man who had caught her earlier on. It sounded so familiar…

“Jing Xi, it’s me.”

The bodyguard spoke again and looked at her with tears i

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