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Chapter 1157: Leaving Him

Huo Yunshen told Xu Xiyan the details of her rescue, and it shocked her.

“Even the President was in it? And the General too. He’s risking so much just for me…” Xu Xiyan said in awe.

Xu Xiyan was worried that Lan Ling’er might have a reason to not leave Helian Qingyu’s side after this, and Li Ruochu would be the victim.

“Yes, if not for them, I would’ve never gotten you out from Lstan,” Huo Yunshen said.

“We really have to thank them for their help.”

“We can do that when we visit them at the President’s Mansion tomorrow.”

“But…” Xu Xiyan hesitated a little.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I should show up in public as myself,” Xu Xiyan said, expressing her worries. “Now that Alice is pretending to be me, the Dark Zone would notify Mo Yutian if another Jing Xi surfaced outside of Lstan.”

“Then, what should we do?”

“Maybe I can pretend to be someone else for the time being?”

“Good idea.”

It was then Huo Yunshen heard a rumbling voice coming from Xu Xiyan’s stomach and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Not me, the babies are.”

“All right, wait here. I’ll go make something.”

Huo Yunshen let Xu Xiyan lie down as he went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for her.

Yet Xu Xiyan could not fall asleep as she was worried about her daughter, and about Li Ruochu’s relationship with Helian Qingyu.

Li Ruochu had already packed her stuff and was about to leave. She turned around and looked at the now-empty mansion as her heart was filled with bitterness.

It was a place that belonged to a man that did not belong to her; leaving was the right choice, she thought.

With her mind set in place, she stepped out of the mansion.

But her timing was off, as the moment she exited the mansion, Helian Qingyu parked his car in front of her. He noticed the luggage that Li Ruochu was carrying, and he frowned.

“Where are you going?” Helian Qingyu asked, stopping Li Ruochu in her route.

“Away from here,” Li Ruochu replied without looking at Helian Qingyu.

“What’s gotten into you? Are you crazy or what?” Helian Qingyu scolded, unable to believe that Li Ruochu was leaving him when he’d finally found the time to visit her.

“Yes, I’m crazy, so please let me go. Let me leave,” Li Ruochu said without showing any expression on her face.

“Do you think I’ll let you go that easily? Did you forget what kind of relationship we are in?”

“No, I did not forget. I’ll pay you back all the 80 million I owe you one day,” Li Ruochu said, not forgetting that he’d bought her for 80 million, and only money still stood between them.

She was not going to be his mistress that he could not show to the world.

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