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Chapter 1142: Less Scary Than He Thought

Xu Xiyan was reluctant. She wanted to stay with her mother for longer. But Mo Yutian pulled her out.

When they left, Mo Xie turned from the crystal bed, stared at the heavy curtains for a while then pulled them open.

In a flash.

Mo Xie covered his eyes when sunshine broke in.

A wisp of light shed onto the crystal bed and lit up Jing Ruyue’s face. He could even see the tiny fine hairs on her face.

Time was not harsh on her. It was the crystal bed that slowed down the aging and maintained her beauty.

She lay quietly in the castle for many years as if she was having an everlasting dream and was unable to come out of it.

There was no sound, nor light. It was always the same in her world.

But today was different. She seemed to have heard some voices and cries.

She tried hard to wake up to take a look. Yet weakness held her from opening her eyes.

She felt the dazzling light on her face and wanted to see if the sun had come up.

Mo Xie was facing the window and focusing on the views outside. He did not see that on the crystal bed behind him, the woman’s fingered moved once, and her eyelashes trembled.

He saw the blue ocean and azure sky in the sunlight, as well as the scattered white sails.

Hmm… He could not remember when he’d last seen the ocean view.

The young lady was right. Only mice and snakes lived forever in the darkness.

He was the former emperor of Lstan. He used to reign over thousands of islands and fought countless battles. How could he be afraid of sunlight?

When the curtains were opened, it was not so scary as he’d thought.

Perhaps he should take his Yue-Er outside to enjoy some sunshine.

How he used to wish for a life together with her out there in the sunshine!

“Yue-Er, shall I take you out now?”

Mo Xie came to her and asked gently.

Upon finishing the words he was surprised that the woman’s eyelashes trembled and her eyes opened for a second. Then they were closed again.

“Yue-Er! Are you awake? Are you?”

Mo Xie was overjoyed. However, the woman never reacted again despite his cries. Was it his illusion that she had opened her eyes for a second just now?

No Way! It was definitely not an illusion!

Jing Ruyue had been sleeping throughout the years until today, until just now.

Mo Xie wondered whether it was because of Jing Xi. Perhaps it was her crying and calling that had stimulated Jing Ruyue.

She was, after all, her daughter. It was not rare that a person was awoken from a vegetative state by his or her relatives.

How come he never tried this before?

Upon this thought, Mo Xie found some hope. Perhaps his Yue-Er would wake up soon!

Outside the castle, the gate was closed again.

Mo Yutian tried to pull Xu Xiyan away. But she kept looking back and was reluctant to leave.

She was not sure whether she could come back again once she left.

It was heartbreaking to see her

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