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Chapter 1180: What A Pity

“It’s way too early for this. Don’t worry. I’m focusing on my career now. Getting married is not on my agenda for the time being.”

Xiao Yuqian told about her plan.

Xu Xiyan mocked, “Qianqian, I think you’d better behave yourself. Dong is a rarely found good man with a blind crush on you. You should treasure him. Don’t play heartbroken if he is taken by someone else in the future.”


Xiao Yuqian laughed over it. She was not ignoring him. But the situation was pretty complicated now. And it was not going well between her and Ma Haodong.

Well, we’ll see.

Xiao Yuqian learned that they were moving to Estan and asked, “Are you sure you are leaving Peijing?”

“Yes, for Yunshen, I have to leave Peijing even though I am not willing to.”

Xiao Yuqian sighed but showed her support. “Well, Huo could suffer less if you leave Peijing.”

Whenever they talked about what had happened to the Huo family, they always felt for Huo Yunshen. They were such a wonderful family. What a shock that must be to him!

Luckily Xu Xiyan came back safe and sound. If something had happened to her, Huo Yunshen would have gone crazy.

“Yes. We came back to settle some things in Peijing. Then we are leaving.”

Xiao Yuqian held her hand and said, “We’ll all miss you.”

Xu Xiyan smiled. “With modern transportation, I could always come back whenever I want.”

“Fine. Are you going to continue acting?”

Xu Xiyan had just won the Best Actress Award and was heading to the peak of her career. It would be such a pity if she chose to retire at this point, Xiao Yuqian thought.

“I don’t know, probably I will. Or maybe I will try something else. Now I want to focus on my family, on my husband and children.”

Now Xu Xiyan was no longer in bad need of money. Therefore she did not need to work herself to the bone.

She only wanted some peaceful time with her family. To continue acting would probably ruin it. Therefore she might not want to do it for the time being.

In terms of a future career, there was a lot she could do. She could teach violin, write novels, become a signer, or even pursue higher education. She had always wanted to study jewelry design.

In short, she had too many options.

She wanted to see Huo Yunshen recover and her mother rescued first. Then she could have further plans.

Leaving Li Ruochu with Xiao Yuqian, Xu Xiyan felt very relieved.

On the following day, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen went to the cemetery with their daughter.

They could not hold their tears upon seeing the portraits of the three seniors and thinking of them lying in the cold underground tombs right now.

They did not tell Ying Bao about their death. She kept asking for great grandfather and grandparents. And they could only say that they were on .

Now seeing the portraits on the gravestones, she was confused and asked, “Daddy, mommy, aren’t great-grandpa, grandpa and grandma on vacation

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