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Chapter 1162: The Indescribable

He was full of sensations, mostly joy.

He was rejoicing to know that he had a child with the woman he loved.

She was the proof and continuance of their love, and a priceless treasure.

After the banquet, Huo Yunshen left with Xu Yanxi. Helian Wei had Helian Qinyu escort them out.

Stepping out of the presidential palace, they bid each other goodbye.

When Huo Yunshen and Xuxiyan were gone, Helian Qingyu started worrying about how to get rid of Lan Ling-Er.

Lan Ling-Er was slightly excited and asked, “General, what shall we do next? Movie? Or go somewhere else?”

Previously during dinner, Helian Qingyu had mentioned that he wanted to date her for a longer while before they got married. So now they had plenty of time for dating.

While Helian Qingyu was thinking of an excuse, his phone rang just in time. “Excuse me. I need to take this.”

Helian Qingyu picked up the phone and immediately put on an increasingly serious look upon hearing the man’s words.

He turned to Lan Ling-Er when he hung up. Lan Ling-Er asked, “General, what’s the matter? Is everything okay?”

It was the guard of his house. He said that Li Ruochu was suddenly sick and being delivered to the hospital.

Upon hearing this, Helian Qingyu felt a gripping around his heart and could not help from worrying.

What happened to Li Ruochu?

When he had done that to her last night, she was perfectly fine.

How come she was being sent to the hospital now?

The guard did not explain why. But it gave Helian Qingyu a perfect excuse to leave Lan Ling-Er. “It’s the army. I have to leave for an urgent matter.”

Lan Ling-Er understood how busy he was as a general, and what a soldier’s bound duty was. Therefore she had to pretend to be considerate and said, “Okay. You should go right now. Drive safe.”

“Fine. I’ll have someone send you home.”

Helian Qingyu assigned his man to send her home, while he drove himself in the jeep toward the Top Military District Hospital.

It was Room No. 7 at the Top Military District Hospital.

Helian Qingyu arrived and the two guards saluted.

The two guards opened the door for him and he entered the room.

The door was closed behind him. Helian Qingyu came to the bed, stood straight with his hands on his back and his eyebrows furrowed.

Li Ruochu was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Color had drained from her face and a drip was put on the back of her hand.

She looked extremely weak, as if she could turn into a wisp of smoke and disappear at any moment.

Darkness flashed in Helian Qingyu’s eyes. He felt like he was being pounded by something indescribable on the heart.

He had no idea what it was and felt irritated. So he took out a cigarette and was about to light it up, then put it back, realizing that he was in a hospital.

After a short while, Li Ruochu was woken up by some clear clicks.

She opened her eyes to find a man si

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