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Chapter 1144: Concerns

“Deal! I promise. After our wedding I will talk to my father and try my best to free your mother.”

“Fine. I’ll trust you for the last time!”

Mo Yutian took Xu Xiyan off of the Ghost Island and returned to the Central Island. He immediately gave orders nationwide to get ready for his grand wedding ceremony.

In ten days he would marry his queen.

Huo Yunshen had decided to sneak into the Black Sea via Estan in order to save Jing Xi.

Upon that decision, he instructed that the clone woman, Alice, was brought with them.

He planned to replace Jing Xi with Alice secretly.

Before setting off, Huo Yunshen entrusted his daughter with Ye Xun. He squatted and kissed her goodbye.

“Sweetheart, promise me you will be a good girl and listen to Uncle Ye. Will you?”

Ying Bo cuddled her daddy in reluctance and asked, “Daddy, where are you going?”

“Daddy is going to find mommy.”

“Can’t you take me with you daddy?”

Ying Bao tried to win over her daddy to bring her along so as to see her mom sooner.

“Sweetheart, daddy cannot bring you this time. Because we will fight against a lot of monsters along the way and cannot take good care of you.”

Huo Yunshen had to make a kind lie.

Ying Bao was a sensible kid. She kissed her dad hard and said, “Daddy, take care. Your sweetheart just empowered you and you will defeat the monsters for sure.”

“Yeah, I got it. Daddy is fully charged and ready to go. Bye, sweetheart.” Then he turned to Ye Xun. “Ye Xun, please take good care of my girl.”

“Boss, can’t I go with you?”

Ye Xun wanted to join. People in the Dark Zone were his sworn enemies. He could never wait to wipe them out.

“I can’t. You are taking a greater responsibility than fighting against the Dark Zone. Ying Bao is my only daughter. I can only be assured and free from concerns when she is in your good hands.”

Ye Xun nodded. “Got you, Boss. Take care.”

Huo Yunshen waved goodbye to Ye Xun and his daughter and set off.

After a long flight, they arrived at Estan. Nightfall and Jun Yan came to pick them up.

They took some rest on the following day, then got in touch with Helian Qingyu and headed for the military station of Estan.

“Bro, we’ve been expecting you.”

Helian Qingyu came out to welcome Huo Yunshen.

“Thank you.” Huo Yunshen shook hands with him and entered the meeting room.

“Bro, I’ve heard about what happened to your family. My deepest condolences. My father has informed me that you are going into the Dark Zone. Are you well prepared?”

Helian Qingyu had heard from his father about what happened in the Huo Mansion and knew that people from the Dark Zone had taken Jing Xi.

Therefore he had been expecting Huo Yunshen in the station ever since he heard that he was coming to Estan.

“Not really. Mr. President told me that we could get into the Dark Zone via Estan. Therefore we need to cross your border.”

Huo Yunshen told

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