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Chapter 1154: The Priceless Romantic Moments

Her bodyguards waited respectfully by the door. Mo Yutian took a glance and did not find them suspicious.

“Ling-Er! What are you doing here? And you even knocked out my guards?”

Lan Ling-Er sensed the anger in her brother’s voice and explained, “Brother, I just wanted to see my new sister-in-law. But the guards refused to let me in. I had them knocked out because I was mad.”

“I stated clearly that no one could enter!”

Mo Yutian was irritated that his sister never listened to his orders.

Lan Ling-Er had always been spoiled by her brother. She got hold of Mo Yutian’s arm and played cute. “Brother, now that I’m already here, are you going to take my head off? It’s your wedding day! You should be extremely happy to marry such a beautiful wife like Jing Xi. I swear I will behave myself and never do it again. Please.”

Playing cute was always effective with men. Mo Yutian could do nothing to his sister and ordered, “I’ll let you go today. But you have to promise you won’t do it again. Now get out and leave us alone!”

“Got you. The romantic moments are priceless. I’ll leave you with my beautiful sister-in-law. I’m heading back to Estan.”

Lan Ling-Er patted her brother on the shoulder then left the palace with her bodyguard and assistant successfully.

Upon stepping out of the chamber they were relieved for not being caught.

Inside the chamber, Mo Yutian was left with his charming new wife in extreme happiness.

“Jing Xi, finally you are mine. You will live a peaceful life in Lstan with me from now on. We will have our own children and I will be your loving and gentle husband.”

Upon saying these words, Mo Yutian lifted her chin, found that she was not even struggling, then placed a kiss upon her lips.

He was very satisfied with her reaction today. It could have saved him lots of trouble if she had been acting like this before.

“Jing Xi, I can wait no more.”

Mo Yutian took her onto the bed and started to untie the bells on her wedding gown.

Alice knew she was merely Jing Xi’s substitute. But she was still happy to regain the love of this man.

Instead of resisting, she let him do whatever he wanted and even responded to his caresses.

Sensing her response Mo Yutian released her and looked at her with joy, “You should have been welcoming me like this. Once you respond to me, I can make you much happier.”

When reaching to her body he was even more surprised. “You see. You said you never loved me. But your body never lies. Jing Xi, believe me, you will definitely fall in love with me.”

The man stopped talking and started his business.

He finally conquered the woman he had always dreamed of. Mo Yutian was so eager, and indulged himself in the romance until they both passed out.

At the harbor, Huo Yunshen took Jing Xi and Helian Qngyu to board the cruise with Lan Ling-Er.

They took the same route back. The sea patrol release

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