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Chapter 1149: Not A Good Option

Helian Qingyu was pretending to be worried about Lan Ling’er.

It was clear that she knew of the risk. If she were to lead them to the island to save Jing Xi, her brother would kill her for sure.

But Helian QIngyu’s proposal sounded interesting to her.

“It would work, but all of you have to disguise as my bodyguards, and she could be my assistant,” Lan Ling’er said.

There was no way that they could even cross the border if they were to go in like that.

“All right,” Helian Qingyu said. “We’ll prepare some wigs.”

All of them boarded the ship and disguised themselves according to the pictures Lan Ling’er provided them with.

It took them just a dozen minutes to prepare themselves.

After Lan Ling’er confirmed that they could fake their ways through the guards, she ordered the captain to proceed to Lstan.

As the boat got closer to the Black Sea, the crew could clearly feel that it was harder to control the ship’s mechanics.

The waves were more than 10 meters tall, forming a natural wall that shielded Lstan from the outside world.

Most ships would’ve been turned over by a wave of that degree, and even Helian Qingyu had experienced the power of the wave himself in the past.

Helian QIngyu was really curious as to how they should proceed through the waves.

As time passed, they realized that most of the radars on the boat had gone haywire and they were facing waves of tsunami level.

But then the captain pushed a button on the control board, and the magnetic force that was pushing them outside of the Black Sea began to pull them in.

It pulled them through the barrier, and everyone on the boat survived the trip.

They turned back and saw that the wave-barrier was still up, still protecting Lstan from intruders.

The button and the sudden pull-force was the secret to how boats from Lstan could go in and out of the country safely.

The next obstacle presented in front of them was the patrolling guards. Every boat that tried to enter the country would have to go through heavy inspection.

The guards boarded their ship and asked for every person’s identification.

But Lan Ling’er was different; she held exclusive access into the country and could skip through this stage.

When the guards asked for her identification, she scolded, “You dare to check me? Your own princess?”

“My apologies, but the emperor has issued an order that every boat going in and out of the country has to undergo a heavy inspection,” the leader of the guards apologized.

“…” Lan Ling’er was speechless, as her brother went far enough to even strip her of her special permission into the country for the wedding.

But she knew of her brother’s personality and fighting her way through was a bad idea.

After checking the identifications of the original crew members, the guards stopped in front of Huo Yunshen and his accomplice.

Lan Ling’er had provided them with their

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