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Chapter 1172: Could She Handle This?

Xu Xiyan smiled at Li Ruochu, and applied her own voice, “I have always been…Jing – Xi.”

“You are Jing Xi?”

Li Ruochu was completely shocked. How could this handsome young man be Jing Xi?

But she knew that Jing Xi was very good at disguises. No wonder she could appear like a man.

“Jing Xi…”

Upon seeing Jing Xi, Li Ruochu reached out to her and her eyes filled with tears.

“I’m here, Ruochu. Don’t be scared. I’m here!”

Xu Xiyan took her hand and sat down by her side.

Li Ruochu had gone through a lot. Therefore she could no longer hold back her tears upon seeing Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan handed her some tissues and tried to calm her down, “Don’t cry, Ruochu. It could be harmful to the baby.”

Li Ruochu nodded and wiped away the tears. Xu Xiyan continued, “Tell me, what happened to you?”

“Jing Xi, I never thought I would be pregnant. It’s such bad timing…”

Li Ruochu told her about the conflicts between her and Helian Qingyu. Xu Xiyan understood and tried to comfort her. “The General must have some misunderstanding. And you have also mistaken him.”

“Me, mistaken him?”

Lan Ling-Er had been right here just now. How could she have mistaken him?”

“Ruochu, it was because of me that the General had to play the game with Lan Ling-Er.”

Xu Xiyan told Li Ruochu about her being kidnapped in Lstan and rescued by Helian Qingyu.

Li Ruochu found it hard to believe. “I can’t believe you have gone through so much.”

“Indeed. Now you should try to understand the General. Whatever was said about him and Lan Ling-Er was not true. It was nothing but Lan Ling-Er’s own fantasy. I know that the General loves you.”

Blunt were those concerned. Li Ruochu was confused, but the outsiders like Xu Xiyan could see it clearly.

Yet Li Ruochu thought she was merely trying to comfort her. “Even if there was nothing between them, he is never serious with me. Even if there is no Lan Ling-Er, we won’t be together anyway.”

“How come? Now you are conceiving his baby. You are inseparably bonded now.”

Recalling what Helian Qingyu had done to her, Li Ruochu could feel nothing but heartbroken. “You didn’t see how he treated me. He forced me to give up the baby. If it was not for my unique physique, the baby would already be gone by now.”


Xu Xiyan could say nothing further. It seemed the misunderstanding between Helian Qingyu and Li Ruochu was more complicated than she could think about.

After all, no one but themselves could solve their problems. Others could do no good.

Li Ruochu was engaged in her grief for a while. Then suddenly she gold hold of Xu Xiyan’s hand and begged, “Jing Xi, can you help me? You are so good at disguises. I know you can take me out of of here. Please… Help me, I want to leave Estan!”


Xu Xiyan was put into a dilemma. She could have a thousand ways to get her out of here. But once Helian Qingyu found out, he would d

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