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Chapter 1146: The Real Reason

“Hum, Miss Lan, sorry for keeping you waiting.”

Helian Qingyu greeted her with a faint smile upon entering the room.

Lan Ling-Er was fascinated by him as always. She seemed shy and asked hesitantly, “What brought you here, General?”

Helian Qingyu approached her deliberately. His male energy overwhelmed her while he said, “I am here to seek Miss Lan’s help over a very important matter.”

Lan Ling-Er felt dizzy and answered without thinking, “Name it. I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

“I know Miss Lan is from Lstan. Therefore I would like you to take me into Lstan. Could you?”


Lan Ling-Er seemed to be in a dilemma. The strict regulations of Lstan forbade her from bringing any foreigner into the kingdom. Otherwise she would be sentenced to death by hanging.

When she was hesitating, Helian Qingyu suddenly lifted her chin and asked, “So you’ve been faking your affection for me all these years? Can’t you do me such a tiny favor?”

“No no no… I’m just wondering why you want to go to Lstan all of a sudden.”

“I heard lately that your brother Mo Yutian took Jing Xi. I have to go there to take her back so that she can join her husband again. You probably don’t know that Jing Xi saved me once. Therefore I have to save her.”

When Helian Qingyu told the real reason, Lan Ling-Er went into silence.

Even Helian Qingyu came to her for Jing Xi!

She could not help from becoming jealous. Why did Jing Xi have so many male admirers?

By instinct she did not want to help. “General, you probably haven’t heard that Jing Xi was about to marry my brother. He has been watching her closely. There’s no way you could get her out!”

In fact Lan Ling-Er was against the marriage too.

She could not bear the thought of Jing Xi becoming the queen and her sister-in-law.

She had been dreaming of kicking Jing Xi out of Lstan!

“When is the wedding?”

Helian Qingyu was shocked. They would never know that Jing Xi was to marry Mo Yutian if it was not because of his conversation with Lan Ling-Er.

“Tomorrow, the 25th. I am going back for their wedding,” Lan Ling-Er said reluctantly.

In order to convince Lan Ling-Er, Helian Qingyu had to try pleasing her. “Just take me there and leave everything else in my good hands. Once we succeed, I’ll bring you to my parents.”

“For sure?”


The honey trap won.

The innocent woman believed Helian Qingyu and agreed to help him sneak into Lstan.

Then Helian Qingyu returned to the station together with Huo Yunshen to carry out further planning.

That night, Huo Yunshen lost sleep.

He stood by the window, looked at the bright moon above and thought about Jing Xi.

The cigarette faded in his fingers but did not take away his worries.

It felt painful and heartbreaking to know that she was getting married to Mo Yutian tomorrow.

Jing Xi, how I miss you…

I know you must have been forced into thi

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