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Chapter 1141: Worried For Her

Xu Xiyan cried out to her mother as she looked at Jing Ruyue lying unconscious on the bed.

“Time’s up! Hurry up and leave!” Mo Xie scolded, unable to stand the crying from Xu Xiyan.

“Why did you lock my mother here?” Xu Xiyan turned to Mo Xie and scolded. “You said you love her, but you still keep her locked in this place with no daylight! Do you even know that a human’s body will shrink if they lie down for too long? She needs fresh air and sunlight! This is not love, it’s torture!”

“If you keep locking her in here, she’ll just grow weak, and no doctor in this world can save her!” Xu Xiyan continued. “Why don’t you just kill her instead! Is this the love you meant? Don’t you think you’re too selfish?”

Xu Xiyan had no idea where she got the courage to stand up to the master of the castle, but she knew that Mo Xie was way crueler than Mo Yutian.

She wanted to save her mother, and she could not remain quiet any longer.

Mo Xie could feel the temperature dropping after Xu Xiyan screamed at him.

It had been too long since people showed emotion to him.

He wondered…when was the last time he was screamed at like she had just screamed at him?

The people who dared to do that were already dead.

The girl right in front of him was just the same as Jing Ruyue when she was still young.

Both of them would rather walk through hell than staying by his side.

They had the same stubbornness, the same personality.

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?” Mo Xie asked in a dangerous tone.

“I’m sorry, father,” Mo Yutian quickly apologized in Xu Xiyan’s place, worried that he might retaliate. “She’s just too excited to be able to see her mother.”

But Xu Xiyan was not even afraid of the man who looked like a vampire.

“You’re a coward, just like a rat living in the sewers!” Xu Xiyan scolded again after she stood up. “You don’t even dare to open the curtains and look at the outside world! That’s how tainted your heart is! You are not fit for my mother, not even fit to fight to get her! You’re a coward and a weakling! My mum will never fall for you even if she wakes up!”

“Stop it!” Mo Yutian whispered to her as he pulled her to his side.

Xu Xiyan did not continue, but she still stared at Mo Xie angrily, out of breath.

Surprisingly, Mo Xie did not even have the intention to punish her, and Mo Xie himself was even puzzled by his decision. He wondered if it was because Xu Xiyan had the same eyes as her mother.

“I’ll give both of you one minute to get out of this place!” Mo Xie shouted.

“Then we’ll leave now,” Mo Yutian said and quickly dragged Xu XIyan out from the castle.

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