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Chapter 1174: The Same Effect

The more she loved him, the sadder she became.

How she wished she could become a real human being, rather than a clone…

But Alice could not disregard the subtle changes in her body because of the cloning.

She already noticed that because she had grown up fast, she was also aging equally fast.

She was aging at a much faster speed than ordinary human beings, and was afraid that Mo Yutian would find out sooner or later.

Alice lived in profound worry and fear every day. She wondered…if Mo Yutian found out she was Alice instead of Jing Xi, would he still care about her?

When they were about to get ashore, a huge black warship came horning and caught their attention.

Seeing the Ghost sailing again after so many years, Mo Yutian was shocked and wondered what his father was planning for.

What was this warship doing here?

The Ghost came to them, and the man on board told them that His Highness Long Xie was inviting the queen to the Ghost Island.

Alice was lost. She had no idea what he was talking about.

Mo Yutian turned to her. “You’ve always wanted to see your mother again. Now it’s time. Let’s go. I’ll come with you.”

They boarded the Ghost and sailed toward the Ghost Castle.

The drawbridge was put down in front of the Ghost Castle, and the gate was opened.

When the warship arrived, Mo Yutian took his wife ashore and entered the castle.

Alice had no idea what she was doing here. But she tried to conceal her curiosity and followed Mo Yutian in to the gloomy castle.

It seemed different in the castle today. Mo Yutian found that the previously closed windows were wide open and abundant sunlight was let in.

How strange. Was his father no longer afraid of sunlight?

Upon entering the main hall, they saw Mo Xie on the throne. Mo Yutian asked, “Father, why do you want Jing Xi here?”

Mo Xie got down from the throne and said, “Follow me.”

Mo Xie escorted them upstairs and entered a huge bedroom on the third floor. It was bright and refreshing with a sea breeze coming through. The woman lying on the huge bed was Jing Xi’s mother.

Mo Yutian was shocked. He was never expecting his father to get Jing Xi’s mother out of the basement.

No wonder all the windows were open. It seemed he had finally sorted things out.

They came to the bed and Mo Xie ordered, “Jing Xi, go wake up your mother.”

Alice: “…”

Was this charming sleeping beauty Jing Xi’s mother?

Why was Jing Xi’s mother here on this island?

Seeing her not taking any actions, Mo Yutian hurried, “Haven’t you always been longing to see your mother again? Go ahead!”

Alice realized who she was pretending to be and figured she had to go wake up her mother for Jing Xi.

If she kept standing here doing nothing, they would probably get suspicious.

Thinking of that, Alice walked to the bed and squatted down. She got hold of her hand and started calling.

“Mother… Wake u

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