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Chapter 1164 “It’s Not Yours.”

What was wrong with him!?

Did she ever ask about his scandals with Lan Ling-Er?

How dare he try to control her?

“I smashed it. So what? I can always buy you a new one, as many as you want. But never reach to another man in front of me. Otherwise, I’ll smash it every time I see it!”

Li Ruochu was truly shocked by this possessive man. He was a scary freak!

She was too weak to challenge him again. Therefore she could only close her eyes and curse him silently.

“How dare you? Open your eyes and look at


Helian Qingyu could not bear the contempt in her look and commanded with a cold voice.

Li Ruochu felt hopeless. She tried to pull herself together, opened her eyes and stared silently at him.

Upon a few seconds of looking into her eyes, Helian Qingyu got even more irritated. He sensed there was something wrong but could not figure out what.

Was it her look, or her attitude? Why was she always looking at him hostilely?

It was extremely quiet in the room. There was only an infusion tube between them that kept dripping.

Helian Qingyu found that the bag was almost empty, so he pressed the button by her bed.

After a short while, someone knocked on the door. Two nurses came, upon their approval, to take her temperature and change the bag.

The two nurses recognized Helian Qingyu and were surprised by his presence. They suddenly became very shy.


After greeting him they came to Li Ruochu to take her temperature and change the bag. Then they said, “Miss Li, this is to prevent a miscarriage. It will drip very slowly.”

The powerful presence of the man was intimidating. The two nurses finished their business without breathing and left as soon as they could.

But Helian Qingyu stopped them. The two nurses were shocked and anxious, and wondered what he wanted from them. Their hearts kept beating faster.

Helian Qingyu was confused to hear the word miscarriage and asked, “What is that medicine again? What’s wrong with her?”

“General, Miss Li is in her early pregnancy and has shown some symptoms of threatened abortion. Therefore we are giving her miscarriage prevention medicines.”

What did they just say?

Li Ruochu was pregnant?

Helian Qingyu felt like he was being hit on the head and it took him quite a while to come back to earth.

With the nurses having left and him realizing what was happening, he turned terrifyingly gloomy and took hold of Li Ruochu’s wrist all of a sudden. He questioned harshly, “Whose it is?”

“It’s yours.”

Li Ruochu was frightened. Would he even doubt if the baby was his?

“How could it be?”

Helian Qingyu could not believe it. He had been with Li Ruochu only a few times and had been using condoms. How could she get pregnant?

So could this suspicious baby be someone else’s?”

Seeing him with doubts, Li Ruochu felt some overwhelming despair and could not help mocking herself.

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