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Chapter 1156: Extremely Evil

After the kiss, Huo Yunshen found that his wife was already covered in tears. So was he.

He pressed his forehead on hers and sobbed, “I’m sorry, my dear, for what you have gone through.”


There was a lot Xu Xiyan wanted to tell him. But right then she could utter no words, and threw herself again into his arms, holding him as tightly as she could.

She knew it. As long as she would not give up on Huo Yunshen, he would never give up on her.

After quite a while Huo Yunshen asked, “Did he hurt you?”

“No. I never let him succeed.”

She was still purely his, body and soul.

Xu Xiyan found herself fortunate that she had managed to remain chaste for him.

She did not dare to think about what would happen if Huo Yunshen had not come today, or if she had been caught by Mo Yutian while on the run.

That man had said he would never give her another chance.

“Sweetheart, it has been like hell since you were gone. Grandfather, father and mother, they were all…”

Huo Yunshen sobbed and pounded on his own head, again and again.

Every time he tried to talk about the tragedy he felt like a knife was twisting in his heart, or that he was being thrown into a sea of fire. He regretted and blamed himself profoundly.

Xu Xiyan had been knocked out when she was kidnapped. So she had no idea what had happened to the Huo family.

Seeing Huo Yunshen suffering from such profound sorrows, she realized and tried asking, “Honey, do you mean grandfather, father, and mother are all gone?”


Huo Yunshen nodded in grief. When he raised his head she found his eyes filled with tears.

Xu Xiyan was grieved. She identified with Huo Yunshen upon the loss of his family.

She did not know how to comfort him, but could only hold him in her arms and stroke his back.

“I’m sorry, honey… It was all my fault. If it was not because of me, the Huo family would have never suffered from this…”

First Huo Sanyan was endangered in Hawaii. Then Huo Erqi was attacked. Now the three seniors were killed. It was all caused by the frenzied Mo Yutian.

That man did all this to Huo Yunshen and his family only to take her.

After all, she was the one to blame.

“It’s not your fault. Not at all. Mo Yutian is after me. He is seeking revenge. He wants to take away my family one by one and leave me in misery.”

Huo Yunshen knew clearly that it was the feud between him and Mo Yutian, namely the daggers drawn between the Dark Zone and JS.

If it was not because of Jing Xi, Mo Yutian might have launched his revenge attack long ago instead of waiting until today.

“Honey, it was Mo Yutian. He is extremely evil. As long as he is alive, the danger is everywhere.”

“Right. Now I know where his headquarters are. We will plan it well and never give him a chance.”

Huo Yunshen knew Lstan pretty well. Now the key was how to make a plan for his men to break into the Black Sea.

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