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Chapter 1161: Only He Knows

“Mum!” Helian Qingyu quickly stopped his mother as he almost choked on his food. “I still don’t want to get married yet, it’s still too early.”

“Well, since the boy said so, we shouldn’t pressure them,” Helian Wei added, respecting his son’s choices.

Lan Ling’er almost fell off her chair as she heard Helian Qingyu saying that he did not want to marry her just yet.

“They are both in their 20’s now, how can they not be anxious?” Yun Xuerou scolded. “Qingyu, do you still remember your grandpa’s dying wish? He wanted you to get married soon, did you forget?”

“You better not listen to what your father is saying,” Yun Xuerou added. “You should set the wedding date soon. I can’t wait to see my grandson!”

Yun Xuerou always thought that the biggest success she had in raising Helian Qingyu was that he respected her and would listen to what she told him.

But that was in the past, as Helian Qingyu now had his own thoughts and beliefs. Even though he would say yes to everything his mother told him, deep down, he would still do what he intended to do.

Just as how he married Li Ruochu just to fulfill his grandfather’s wish. And once his grandfather had passed, he filed for divorce with Li Ruochu.

From the marriage to the divorce, everything was kept a secret from his parents.

Helian Qingyu felt a little disgusted when his mother started to pressure him into marriage, as he still could not get over Li Ruochu.

“Mum, both of us are still young, we still plan to date for a few years before we get married. Right, Ling’er?” Helian Qingyu said as he grabbed Lan Ling’er’s shoulder.

“Yes…” Lan Ling’er said, enchanted by Helian Qingyu’s look.

“Fine, fine, let’s just stop here. Come on, it’s time to eat,” Yun Xuerou said, giving up on forcing her son to marry Lan Ling’er.

Even though Xu Xiyan remained silent the whole time, she knew that Helian Qingyu kept on the act so that they could save her mother.

Yet the act was so perfect that the media was already talking about it. Xu Xiyan was really worried about Li Ruochu at that point.

But Xu Xiyan had no idea that Li Ruochu had already learned about it and was tormented by Helian Qingyu the whole night.

Xu Xiyan kept quiet and listened to the conversation throughout the whole dinner. Sometimes she would meet eyes with Helian Wei, and it made her feel curious.

The way that Helian Wei looked at her was different, as if there was some deep feeling behind it.

Then again, Xu Xiyan thought that the Presiden might find her amusing because she was dressed up as a guy.

Yet in truth, Helian Wei was the only person present at the table who knew that his daughter was sitting right in front of him. Even though he could not tell her the fact yet, she was still his long lost daughter.

He felt strange yet excited when the thought of him having a grown-up daughter with Jing Ruyue.

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