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Chapter 1179: Accept Her Wholeheartedly

Xu Xiyan looked at the scandals and did not put any attention to them. As long as Alice was pretending to be her, Xu Xiyan could not show her face to the public.

She really hoped that Alice could keep Mo Yutian on his leash.

When Ye Xun knew that Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were coming back, he took Ying Bao over to their place.

When the little girl saw her mother, she ran straight into her arms.


“Oh! My little girl! Mummy misses you so much!” Xu Xiyan said as she kissed Ying Bao’s cheek.

Li Ruochu stood next to them as she smiled at their reunion, hoping that her child could be as cute as Ying Bao.

“Mummy, hug me!” Ying Bao requested.

“Cherry, not now,” Huo Yunshen stopped her. “Your mummy can’t hug you now because your siblings are in her.”

“Oh!” Ying Bao said, understanding what her father was telling her. “Are my siblings behaving well?”

It has been three months since Xu Xiyan was pregnant, two months earlier than Li Ruochu.

Xu Xiyan rubbed her daughter’s head and said, “Of course they are. You can meet them in a few months.”

“Yay! I’m going to have two little brothers!” Ying Bao smiled, eagerly waiting for her siblings to come out so that she can be a big sister to them.

After meeting up with Ying Bao, the next thing that Xu Xiyan has to do was to help Li Ruochu find a place to stay.

After contacting with Xiao Yuqian, they decided to head over to her place first.

“Yanyan, you’re finally back!” Xiao Yuqian hugged Xu Xiyan the moment they met.

“I really miss you too,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

Everyone has been really worried about Xu Xiyan while she was gone, they were asking about her all the time in the group chat.

“It’s really a surprise to see you here too, Chuchu,” Xiao Yuqian said, looking at Li Ruochu.

“Well, to be more precise, I’m running away from someone,” Li Ruochu smiled wryly.

“Running away?”

They began to tell Xiao Yuqian what Li Ruochu has been through, and they finally decided to let Li Ruochu stay at Xiao Yuqian’s place for a while.

“Why don’t you stay with me? My place is too big for myself,” Xiao Yuqian suggested.

“All right! Thank you!” Li Ruochu thanked.

“Wait, why aren’t you living with Haodong yet? Which stage is the both of you in now?” Xu Xiyan asked after she learned that Xiao Yuqian was still living alone.

Xu Xiyan thought that since Ma Haodong has learned that he has a son and decided to take over the Ma Group, they would be ready to get married by then.

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