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Chapter 1143: The Ends Justify The Means

“And what’s that?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Marry me and be my queen,” Mo Yutian said.

“…” Xu Xiyan could not believe that Mo Yutian would suggest something like that to her.

“if you be my queen, every island in the Blacks Sea will belong to you,” Mo Yutian smiled. “You can go anywhere you want, and no one could stop you.”


Xu Xiyan had to admit that Mo Yutian was good at negotiating and persuading.

She was nervous and worried after she had learned that her mother was still alive.

She would even try to break down the castle door if she could.

But the reality was that she could not do anything

The only choice that was left for her was to marry Mo Yutian.

But she was worried about Huo Yunshen if she did so.

She couldn’t help but wonder why God would present her and Jing Ruyue with such hardship, where both of them could not be with the one they truly loved the most.

Xu Xiyan was standing at a crossroads now; either she agreed to marry Mo Yutian and save her mother, or refused him and waited for a chance to save her mother.

But Xu Xiyan also remembered how weak her mother felt when she touched her and couldn’t help but wonder how long her mother still had to live.

In the end, she had to choose to betray Huo Yunshen.

Hubby… Xu Xiyan cried in her head. You are the only one I’ve ever loved, even if my body belongs to another person, my soul will always be yours. The love I have for you will never change with time…

After her head had gone through a roller coaster, Xu Xiyan finally raised her head as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Fine! I’ll marry you! But with one condition! You’ll have to get my mother out from that castle,” Xu Xiyan said.

Mo Yutian had no idea how to express his happiness when he heard Xu Xiyan accepting his proposal.

He knew that he would get what he wanted one day: the girl he’d always dreamt of.

But he wondered why the girl was crying.

Are the tears for Huo Yunshen? Mo Yutian thought. Well, no matter, as long as she’s mine, nothing changes.

“No problem! I’ll give you my promise! I’ll talk to my father and get your mother out after the wedding!”

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