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Chapter 1148: Always Wanted To Conquer You

His fervent lips came again onto her cheeks and ears.

Xu Xiyan cried in fear, “Mo Yutian! Let go of me! Our wedding is tomorrow. I’m not yet your wife. You cannot touch me now. If you dare I will kill myself by chewing off my tongue!”

Mo Yutian covered her mouth immediately upon hearing about her chewing off her tongue. He tried to calm her down. “Don’t be silly, Jing Xi. Be my wife and I’ll make you happy forever…”

Stop dreaming!

Xu Xiyan threw the back of her head onto his nose and bit him on the hand while he was in shock.

The pain caught Mo Yutian by surprise. He took a deep breath and had to let go of her.

Xu Xyan ran immediately away from him and stood as far as she could by the wall.

She was very hostile, as a young beast in a hunter’s trap. She stared vigilantly at him and was afraid that he would force her into intimacy again.

“How dare you?” Mo Yutian looked at the wound on his hand. But instead of being annoyed he seemed pleased. “You know, Jing Xi, that’s exactly what I love about you. You are like a wild mare. It stimulates me and makes me always want to conquer you. Do you have any idea how many times I have dreamed of our fiercely romantic intercourse?”

“You freak!” Xu Xiyan cursed.

“Oh… it’s nothing freaky. It’s what every man wants from a woman. With what I have and who I am now, I am more than qualified to be your husband. You have nothing to lose in marrying me.”

Mo Yutian wanted her to know that it was her honor to have him, the emperor of a kingdom, as a husband.

Xu Xiyan had to admit that this man had an equally pretty face and peerless background.

If only Xu Xiyan had met Mo Yutian first, she might have been attracted to this man.

However, she was destined to be with Huo Yunshen.

No matter how outstanding the others were, she would never fall in love again.

The woman was cold and resolute. And it killed Mo Yutian’s mood.

He did not force her any further, but said before he left, “There are only a few hours to go. Take your time, my queen. After our wedding tomorrow, I will make you my wife.”

God knew how badly and desperately he had been longing for her. He was about to lose control.

From tomorrow night on, they would be officially married. And he would never be gentle again, no matter how reluctant she was.

Mo Yutian was gone. Xu Xiyan sank slowly onto the ground.

She crouched and started weeping.

How she missed Huo Yunshen…

Where are you, honey?

It was almost dawn.

A cruise was waiting by a port in Estan.

Lan Ling-Er and her attendants waited by the cruise for Helian Qingyu.

In a short while, a military jeep stopped by the port and several people got out of the vehicle.

Lan Ling-Er was pleased to see Helian Qingyu, but rather annoyed by the sight of two other people coming with him.

It was Huo Yunshen and… Is that Alice, who looks identical to Jing Xi?

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