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Chapter 1171: Bitch!

Li Ruochu believed that Bai Yanchuan must be the one spreading the rumors, telling the world that she was his girlfriend.

Li Ruochu did not wish for such scandals and misunderstandings.

“You sure are imaginative,” Li Ruochu replied. “Bai Yanchuan has nothing to do with my and Qingyu’s relationship, and even if he did, who are you to scold me? Even if I really had a child, what could you do?”

Lan Ling’er realized that talking with Li Ruochu was not an option anymore.

“Bitch! You really are a bitch!” Lan Ling’er mocked and raised her hand to slap Li Ruochu.

But just before her hand could land on Li Ruochu’s face, someone grabbed it from behind.

Lan Ling’er turned and noticed Jun Yan was stopping her.

Lan Ling’er knew that the Jun Yan she was seeing was Xu Xiyan in disguise and warned, “What are you doing here? Mind your own business!”

“I’ll mind my own business if the person you’re about to slap is not Ruochu,” Xu Xiyan said. “But I will not sit back and watch my friend getting hit!”

Li Ruochu looked at the person who suddenly appeared and was confused. The person had a face that she had never seen before, a complete stranger, and it made her wonder why he was helping her.

“Did you forget who helped you to escape?” Lan Ling’er asked. “I’ll tell my brother how you switched places with Alice!”

“Fine, go ahead! I’ll tell him how you helped us. If your brother learns that you’re a traitor, I wonder what he’ll do to you.”


Lan Ling’er was silenced by Xu Xiyan’s words.

In reality, both of them were holding onto the same rope that could break at any moment.

If Mo Yutian did learn about how Lan Ling’er assisted Xu Xiyan in her escape, she would be torn to pieces.

Lan Ling’er knew how ruthless people from her bloodline could be; they could even kill their own family for their own benefit.

Just like how her father chased Mo Yutian out from the palace just for a woman.

“Afraid now? I’ll drag you down with me if Mo Yutian comes for me,” Xu Xiyan said, pointing at Lan Ling’er. “If you want to live, then stay away from Li Ruochu.”

Lan Ling’er was completely overwhelmed by Xu Xiyan while Li Ruochu looked at both of them, unable to understand a word they were saying.

“You can leave now,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Fine! But I’ll remember this!”

Lan Ling’er turned and left.

Li Ruochu looked at the man who had just saved her and said, “Thank you… May I know your name?”

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