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Chapter 1166: Trying Hard To Control Himself

Gu Yici explained the seriousness and asked him to think it through.

After hearing his words, Helian Qingyu was silenced.

If it was as serious as Gu Yici described, did it mean that he had to let Li Ruochu give birth to the bastard’s child?

Did he have to accept that she was carrying another man’s baby?

The thought irritated Helian Qingyu. He lit a cigarette and sucked hard.

What should he do with Li Ruochu now?

Inside the Yunjing Villa.

Xu Xiyan returned home, removed the makeup and became herself again.

After a shower, she thought about Li Ruochu. She was worried about her and had to give her a call.

She wanted to explain to Li Ruochu the scandals of Helian Qingyu and Lan Ling-Er so as to dissolve the misunderstandings.

But when she called, the response was “the number you are calling is not in service.”

It remained the same after several attempts.

Xu Xiyan was worried and wondered what had happened to her.

How come she could not reach Li Ruochu?

Since they were heading back next week, Xu Xiyan figured she could pay a visit to Li Ruochu in their mountain top villa before they left and talk to her in person.

Right then she heard something falling upstairs.

Xu Xiyan followed the noise upstairs and found it to be from the study. Huo Yunshen was there. What was he doing? Why was it so noisy?

She knocked but no one answered. Xu Xiyan opened the door and stepped in.

She was shocked upon seeing the scene inside.

It was chaotic. Things on the desk were wiped onto the ground. And her husband was nowhere to be found.


Xu Xiyan sensed something serious, and walked through the chaos to search for Huo Yunshen.

Bypassing the desk, she found him sitting on the ground with his hands tied and himself being gloomy and ferocious.

“Honey, what’s going on?”

Who had tied him up?

Recognizing Xu Xiyan’s voice, Huo Yunshen managed to raise his head. When they looked at each other, Xu Xiyan gasped. “Honey!”

His eyes were scarlet. And his face was stiffened and distorted in pain.

Blue veins stood out on his forehead, neck and the back of his hands. She could tell that he was trying hard to control himself.

“What happened, Honey? What’s going on?”

Xu Xiyan squatted down and tried to lift him up, only to get yelled at by him. “Stay away! Get out!”

She would never leave her man alone without knowing why. “Honey, tell me what’s going on. Why did you tie yourself up?”

“I don’t want to hurt you… Get out right now…”

Huo Yunshen exerted his energy to utter these words. He was almost losing control. He was experiencing the mania again and tied himself up in order not to hurt her.

Seeing him in such great pain, Xu Xiyan could not figure out what to do but listen to him and step out of the room.

When she got out, Xu Xiyan called Helian Qingyu immediately. The man picked up the phone a

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