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Chapter 1153: Executed

Huo Yunshen understood what Xu Xiyan had gone through and he could only hug her tightly to calm her down.

Lan Ling’er could not stand staring at them, acting all lovey-dovey, and said, “Hurry up! If my brother comes back, we’ll all be in trouble.”

“Right!” Helian Qingyu said. “Let’s go!”

“Hurry up and change your dress with Alice’s,” Huo Yunshen said. “We have to get you out from here.”

“No,” Xu Xiyan said while shaking her head. “I can’t leave yet.”


“Because my mother is here, in Lstan. I can’t leave without her.”

Xu Xiyan had planned to escape from the window to get away from the wedding dinner. She never expected that Huo Yunshen would show up.

She was worried that if she left, she would miss the chance to save her mother.

Huo Yunshen was surprised when he learned that his mother in law was also in Lstan, but with the given situation, they had no chance of saving Jing Ruyue.

“We can come back for her, believe me,” Huo Yunshen said. “We can think of how to save her once we are safe. If we’re both stuck here, then we will lose our chance to do so.”

“I think you should leave too. Even if you find your mother, we can’t leave with another person on board,” Lan Ling’er added.

“All right, I’ll leave…” Xu Xiyan nodded.

Xu Xiyan exchanged her clothes with Alice’s, and no one could tell the difference.

“Wish you the best of luck,” Xu Xiyan said as she hugged Alice, putting all her hope on Alice.

“You too,” Alice replied with a hug too.

Both of them looked the same. Even though both of them loved two different men, they held the same dreams and hopes, wishing that their loved ones could live happy lives.

It was then when they heard footsteps coming from outside.

“All hail the emperor!” the guards shouted.

“Shit! Mo Yutian is here!” Xu Xiyan cursed.

If they were found by Mo Yutian, all of them would definitely be executed.

“Where are the guards here?” Mo Yutian scolded when he did not see the guards that had been stationed outside the queen’s chamber.

“Sire!” the guards woke up when they heard Mo Yutian’s roar.

“Who gave you permission to leave your spot? Kill them!” Mo Yutian scolded.

“Have mercy!” one of the guards pleaded. “The princess was the one who knocked us out! There’s no way we would dare to leave our station!”

“Oh?” Mo Yutian raised his eyebrows and kicked the guard before entering the queen’s chamber.

When he entered, he could see his queen sitting on her bed with her back to him while Lan Ling’er stood in front of her.

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