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Chapter 1163 Can’t Control His Strength

But every movement that Li Ruochu made, Helian Qingyu thought of as a form of silent insult.

Helian Qingyu had been waiting patiently for Li Ruochu to wake up ever since he’d set foot in the hospital room.

“What are you thinking? Trying to take your own life because you can’t get away from me?” Helian Qingyu scolded while grabbing Li Ruochu by her chin, thinking that Li Ruochu was trying to make him feel bad.

“Let me go…”

Li Ruochu started to think that Helian Qingyu might have some mental problem for saying words as stupid as what he’d just blurted.

She pulled Helian Qingyu’s hand away from her, but the pain from his grip still remained.

That was how Helian Qingyu had been treating her for the past few months, not knowing how to control his strength and hurting her.

That was also the reason why she’d ended up in the hospital. After being tormented by Helian Qingyu the night before, Li Ruochu woke up to intense pain in her stomach. When she went to the toilet to check what had happened, she noticed that her pants were soaked in blood.

After being sent to the hospital, she learned that she was pregnant, and having sex without control over the past few days caused her to experience a threatened abortion.

Even though she was pregnant with Helian Qingyu’s child, he still thought that she was trying to take her own life.

“Is this a part of your plan? Pretending that you are seriously in pain and escaping from the hospital?” Helian Qingyu asked.

“You’re over-thinking it.”

Li Ruochu’s phone suddenly vibrated, and Helian Qingyu noticed it was a call from a person called Bai Yanchuan.

He recalled that Bai Yanchuan was adopted into the Li family and was called Li Yanchuan before changing his surname back to Bai.

He still remembered that Bai Yanchuan was trying to court Li Ruochu when he’d first met Li Ruochu in the bar.

At that moment, Helian Qingyu lost all trust in Li Ruochu.

He thought that Li Ruochu tried to escape so that she could meet up with Bai Yanchuan.

“Am I? Let me guess, you’re so eager to get away from me so that you can meet up with that dude called Bai Yanchuan, am I right?”

“…” Li Ruochu was already speechless as she heard Helian Qingyu adding an unrelated person into the conversation. “Why the silence? I’m correct, aren’t I?” Helian Qingyu scolded.

Li Ruochu tried to get her phone as it continued to ring, but Helian Qingyu was a step faster as he picked the phone up and throw it against the wall.

“Hey! What was that for?” Li Ruochu scolded as she tried to get up despite the pain in her stomach.

She was angry, as Helian Qingyu had misunderstood her relationship with Bai Yanchuan and gotten angry when his name appeared on her phone.

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