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Chapter 1168: So Worried For Him

Gu Yici got hold of Huo Yunshen in time. Helian Qingyu cursed, “Quack,” and had to help him remove and hold Huo Yunshen’s hand.

When losing control, Huo Yunshen was extremely powerful and troublesome.

The two men worked together to get him checked. Gu Yici gave him a tranquilizer in order to calm him down.

When it took effect, they got Huo Yunshen back on the bed.

Inside the bedroom, Gu Yici gave Huo Yunshen another thorough check. Xu Xiyan was so worried and kept asking, “Dr. Gu, what’s wrong with my husband?”

“It’s mania.”

Gu Yici stood up, took off his stethoscope and answered seriously.

Xu Xiyan became stern upon hearing the word mania. She knew he was suffering from some psychological problem, but still found it hard to believe. “How could he get mania?”

“When a patient suffers from a lot of traumas, it can easily lead to mania. Now I’m asking you, for how long has he been like this? Did he suffer from any shock lately?”

Xu Xiyan recalled and realized that it must have been the tragedy of the Huo family that overwhelmed him.

The loss of his grandfather and parents was a blow. And she had been taken away by Mo Yutian. It was all a shock to him.

Xu Xiyan briefly explained and Gu Yici was more certain that was why he got mania.

It was not obvious at the beginning. And if the patient deliberately hid it, it was hard for people around him to detect.

“So what should we do now, Dr. Gu?”

Xu Xiyan found herself helpless and so worried for her man. She could not imagine how he could live with mania from now on.

“We’d better send him to the hospital for psychotherapy.”

Gu Yici explained the worst scenario for her. “If we let him suffer, it will become worse and worse. And eventually he might no longer be able to recognize his own family, or even hurt them. Then it would be too late.”

Indeed, Huo Yunshen had locked himself in the study tied up simply not to hurt Xu Xiyan.

“We were about to head back next week.”

Xu Xiyan thought it might be better for Huo Yunshen not to go back at the moment.

“I think you should not go back now. If he recalls the tragedy when you are back, it might get worse.”

“I see. I just hope my husband can recover soon. Could you, General and Dr. Gu, help me send him to the hospital?”


Helian Qingyu and Gu Yici helped her take Huo Yunshen to the Top Military District Hospital for further treatment.

When Huo Yunshen woke up again, he seemed perfectly normal.

When he opened his eyes and found himself in an unfamiliar place, he immediately got up and wanted to leave.

“Stay there, Honey!”

Xu Xiyan was disguised as a man again. She entered the room and stopped him.

Huo Yunshen recognized her disguised as Jun Yan. He looked around and realized it was the hospital they had been in previously. He asked, “Why am I here?”

Xu Xiyan cuddled him and said, “It’s the hospital. Of co

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