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Chapter 1150: Unprecedentedly Hopeless


Lan Ling-Er answered with pride.

Huo Yunshen looked through the telescope on the cruise toward the islands around. He was stunned by the unexpectedly large number of islands Lstan was home to.

They were scattered randomly in the sea. It might take quite some forces to wipe them out.

He and Helian Qingyu were both looking carefully along their way, memorizing the shape and character of every island they passed, so as to get prepared for their future visit to Lstan.

These islands were highly modernized and populated with high-rises and skyscrapers. On some islands, there were even sky soaring castles.

This secluded kingdom was unexpectedly well-developed and no less civilized than the world outside.

The cruise finally arrived at the Central Island of Lstan, the capital of the kingdom and the largest one among all the islands. There was a huge complex of palace castles here.

The cruise stopped and they followed Lan Ling-Er ashore.

The Central Island was joyfully decorated and intensively crowded today. People were all dressed up and marching toward the palace.

Being the princess of Lstan, Lan Linger-Er was received by a dedicated limousine. Huo Yunshen and the others were taken toward the central palace with her.

A while later they came to the Fillieres Palace. All the subjects had to wait outside before they were let in to celebrate the emperor’s wedding.

Huo Yunshen waited in the crowd while feeling extremely anxious upon seeing the vigorous scene. He wondered how Jing Xi and their children were.

Inside the palace.

A line of palace maidens were helping the queen get dressed.

Xu Xiyan was poker faced like a soulless doll. She sat blankly and let them play with her dress and make-up.

The wedding today was nothing exciting for her, but rather an unprecedentedly hopeless occassion.

Having her dressed up, the maidens reported, “Your Majesty, we are ready. Please move on to the hall.”

They escorted her out of the room.

In the main hall of the palace, all the officials were gathered for the blessed moment.

Huo Yunshen and the others followed Lan Ling-Er inside to find Mo Yutian sitting high on the throne and being saluted by his people.

“Princess Lan has arrived.”

With the announcement, Lan Ling-Er came into the court with her assistant and bodyguards, and bowed to her brother.

“My dearest brother, Your Majesty, congratulations on your wedding today.”

“Congratulations on the Wedding, Your Majesty.”

Huo Yunshen, Helian Qingyu, and Alice saluted to the emperor according to the Dragonism rituals Lan Ling-Er taught them earlier on.

“Ling-Er, don’t stand on ceremony. Be seated.”

Mo Yutian beckoned Lan Ling-Er into her seat and paid no attention to the ones following her.

Lan Ling-Er was seated close to the throne. Huo Yunshen and the other two stood behind her.

Huo Yunshen stared at Mo Yutian w

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