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Chapter 1278: He Owed Her

“Thank you so much indeed! He must be a living buddha!”

Jing Ruyue pressed her palms together and expressed her gratitude.

“Doctor, do we know when the operation is scheduled for?”

“We will let you know after the consultation today.”

The doctor stepped out and they were left with cheerful minds. Huo Yunshen told his mother-in-law, “Mother, once the operation is done you will be able to live a normal life.”

“Good. If so, I will be able to help you take care of the kids.”

Jing Ruyue had not had much hope for the future. But now, the kidney donated by a complete stranger gave her something to look forward to.

When she recovered she would definitely cherish her health and try living a longer life.

Her daughter would be giving birth soon. She would be of great help if she could take care of the kids.

More good news followed after the consultation. The operation was scheduled for three days later at eight o’clock in the morning.

At the same time in the ward on the sixth floor.

The only two insiders were getting ready.

The doctor came to inform him, “Mr. President, the operation is scheduled for three days from now at eight o’clock in the morning. Is that OK?”


“But I still have to warn you. You suffer from heart disease, which could easily lead to other problems during the operation. You might not be able to wake up again. Or in the worst-case scenario, you could die. Are you sure you want to take the operation?”

“Yes, definitely yes, even if it will cost me my life. Now go get ready for it!”

The doctor had warned him of every possible risk. But instead of getting worried, Helian Wei only hoped that the operation could be finished sooner.

He could not find any words to describe his feelings now. He was happier than ever.

Out of the thousands of thousands of registered donors, he was the only one that made a good match to Jing Ruyue. It was a miracle.

It was probably what he owed her, or God’s plan. Either way, it was a comfort and salvation for Helian Wei.

He wanted to give one of his kidneys to the woman he loved. A part of him would be living inside her from now on. It literally meant that they would be together forever.

In the meantime, they had another plan executed. Helian Wei asked his son, “Is everything ready?”

“All ready.”

“Good.” Helian Wei added, “No matter what happens, you should never let them know I am the donor. Remember.”

“I see.”

Helian Qingyu knew that his father was donating his kidney to Ms. Jing anonymously in order not to make them feel guilty.

He could not help being touched by his father’s selfless dedication.

Before he got to know what had happened between his parents, he used to think that his father was cold and heartless, that he was too cruel to his mother.

Now he understood that no one could be forced to love someone.

While if it was true love, one could give up everyth

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