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Chapter 1283: Bad News

“We know from Helian Xiong’s letter that Estan will gather their parliament soon,” Mo Yutian said. “We can attack Estan then. We’ll take care of Helian QIngyu’s army while Helian Xiong will take care of Helian Wei. When he’s taken care of, Helian Xiong will be in power, and Estan will be ours!”

“I see. It’s a great plan!”

Mo Xie was already waiting for the day to attack Estan. He planned to join the attack himself and take Jing Ruyue back.

The news of the President lying in the hospital had spread throughout the country,

When everyone heard about it, they were prepared for the worst. But most of the people were also worried about whether Helian Qingyu could succeed as the next President or not.

The country had been divided into different powers and some supported voting for the next President instead.

A week after the surgery, Jing Ruyue was finally able to leave her bed.

The surgery was a huge success and her body was recovering at a steady pace.

Jing Ruyue was getting stronger ever since she got a new kidney.

With Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen taking good care of her, Jing Ruyue felt that it was time to go home.

“Yanyan, can I leave the hospital now?”

“No. The doctor said that you have to stay here for another week.”

Xu Xiyan was glad to see that her mother was getting better day by day.

“I really want to thank the person who gave me this kidney personally…” Jing Ruyue sighed.

By receiving the kidney, Jing Ruyue was able to live longer, and she wanted to repay the favor.

“I’ll let Yunshen find out who he is. You can thank him then.”

“Okay.” Jing Ruyue nodded and looked out the window. “The sun is up. I want to take a stroll outside.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Both of them walked to the garden. As they were bathing in the warm sunlight, they overheard other patients talking about the President’s critical condition.

“I think the President might not make it…” one of the patients said.

“Any problem related to the heart is hard to cure… The doctors even issued a statement saying that he’s in critical condition.”

Jing Ruyue turned to look at his daughter and asked, “Yanyan, what’s happening here? I thought you said he has already left the hospital?”

“I’m sorry… I was afraid that you might get too worked up after hearing this, so I didn’t tell you. He’s… he’s still in the hospital, and it’s not looking very good.”

Tears began to fog up Xu Xiyan’s eyes.


Jing Ruyue did not say anything while the patients next to them continued to talk about the President.

“We don’t even know if the General could succeed the President or not. There are so many powers dividing the parliament now. One side supports the idea that the General should be the next President while the other side wants a vote. And let’s not forget the one that just wants to join the winning side. The only party that’s in the middle ground is the Secretary of St

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