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Chapter 1268: The Answer She Longed For

Jing Xi had already left. But Helian Qingyu found that his father was still staring at the door. He pulled over a chair and said, “You are a grown man. How could you run away without telling anyone? Luckily Jing Xi found you and brought you back.”

Heilan Wei knew that his son was worried about him. So he did not blame him for the nagging and said after a pause, “Qingyu, when I get out of here, I will call for a cabinet meeting. You need to get ready, as you will have to take the load form now on.”


Hearing that he was calling for a cabinet meeting, Helian Qingyu knew that he was retiring. But he still found it hard to swallow. “Father, as long as you stay well, you will continue to be the president when you get out of the hospital. It is too early for a cabinet meeting.”

“No. You are already in your twenties and more than capable of taking on the responsibility. I will give it to you sooner or later. So it’s better sooner rather than later.”

Helian Wei hoped that he could clear the way for his son while he was still capable, and hand it over to him smoothly.

Otherwise, It would be too hard for him to take it over if he died a sudden death in the future.

Helian Wei knew that there were many people coveting his position. He had to get prepared while he could.

On the other side of the hospital, Jing Ruyue asked immediately when Xu Xiyan returned to the ward, “Did you find him?”

“Yes. He was indeed in the rooftop garden. I already sent him back.”

“I see.”

Jing Ruyue said nothing further. But she was obviously very relieved.

Xu Xiyan came and lay down on the small bed. She asked, “Mother, I should have asked, how did you know he was in the rooftop garden?”

“…” Jing Ruyue felt awkward upon being asked this and tried to explain, “I went to the bathroom earlier on and happened to see him.”

Xu Xiyan knew she was lying. “How could you run into Mr. President by going to the restroom? Mother, don’t you know that we have a private bathroom here? How did you see him?”

Jing Ruyue: “…”

Her daughter was too smart to be fooled. Jing Ruyue felt embarrassed and it was Xu Xiyan who tried to make an excuse for her.

“Mother, don’t be shy. I know you have known Mr. President for a long time! He told me last time at home that he used to be a big fan of yours.”

Xi Xiyan tried to observe her mother after saying so.

Jing Ruyue felt restless. She had no idea what Helian Wei had told Xu Xiyan previously. Since she said so, she had to fake it. “Yeah, I knew him. He is fond of music.”

Recalling that Helian Wei had held her mother and looked after her previously, Xu Xiyan made a bald guess. “Mother, tell me the truth! You two used to be pretty close, didn’t you?”

Before she could provide an answer, Xu Xiyan added, “Don’t tell me that he is… Feng?”

Jing Ruyue was stunned.

Seeing her mother being stunned, Xu Xiyan suddenly realized that

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