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Chapter 1301: Never Leaving Her Alone

Sitting down by his side, she held his hand and murmured, “How could you be so silly?

“You suffered from heart troubles yet you risked to give me your kidney.

“I was already a dead person for over a decade. Why bother saving me?

“So now I am fine. But you are not coming back.

“If only I had known, I would never have let you do this.

“Feng, do you know how heartbroken I am now?

“How I wish I could take out the kidney and give it back to you, together with my heart. I just want you to live a good life.

“I just want you to be fine. Do you understand?”

Having said so, Jing Ruyue lost control of her emotions and bent over him, her tears pouring down.

Helian Wei was in a coma. He felt as if he was trapped in a foggy world and was not able to see clearly.

There were no directions nor edges. He had no idea where to exit.

Amidst the fog, he seemed to have heard something. It sounded like a woman’s cry.

Following the voice, he got closer and heard it more clearly.

Was that Xiao Yueliang crying?

It sounded like his Xiao Yueliang. She sounded heartbroken which made him heartbroken too.

He tried to look through the shadows but it was too foggy.

“Xiao Yueliang! Xiao Yueliang…”

He tried to call her name aloud and make her hear him.

He tried to break through the damn fog again and again, and kept falling back.

But he would never give up. Because his Xiao Yueliang was heartbroken. She needed him and he was coming for her.

Jing Ruyue kept weeping and failed to see the man’s finger slightly lifting and his eyes rolling.

After a long while Jing Ruyue sat up and wiped her tears. “Feng, I’ve made up my mind. I’m staying here and never leaving you again. So please, do wake up soon for me. Will you?”

This time his eyelashes trembled and Jing Ruyue caught it. She was so excited. “Feng, you heard me, didn’t you? If yes, can you try lifting a finger?”

Helian Wei did lift a finger. Jing Ruyue was overwhelmed. She held his hand to her cheek with her eyes filled with joyful tears.

“This is great! Feng, I knew you would never leave me alone. You said you would find our son and bring him to me. You have to keep your promise!”

Jing Ruyue decided to stay in the Moon Castle to take care of Helian Wei.

The Moon Castle was officially occupied.

Huo Yunshen arranged for two chefs, ten maids and a butler to take care of Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei.

In order to help her mother recover, Xu Xiyan stayed with them as well.

Ying Bao had to go to school. So Huo Yunshen took her back to Yunjing Villa. They came to the castle for dinner every day after school, and went back to the villa around eight to nine in the evening. On Fridays, they came directly after school and stayed for weekends.

It was very pleasant in the Moon Castle, especially good for a pregnant woman.

Xu Xiyan stayed here and did daily morning exercise in the open

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