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Chapter 1291: Tricked

“You’re still alive?”

Helian Xiong did not expect Helian Qingyu to be alive. He then realized that the news about Helian Qingyu’s death might have been faked to trick him.

“Yes, I’m still alive so that I can uncover your conspiracy!” Helian Qingyu scolded as he took his gun out. “How dare you try to take over the country while my father is still alive! I should have shot you when I had the chance!”

Helian Xiong quickly grabbed Jing Xi, who was standing next to him, and used her as his shield while pointing his gun to her head.

“You better stop right where you are! I’ll shoot if I have to!” Helian Xiong shouted.

“Jing Xi!”

Helian Qingyu had not expected that Helian Xiong would try to use Xu Xiyan.

Helian Xiong was sure that the woman he had in his hands could help him escape.

“Just shoot!” Xu Xiyan shouted.

But there was no way Helian Qingyu would fire if it put her at risk.

Just as Helian Xiong was trying to escape, Helian Qingyu ordered his men to bring Helian Chen up.

Looking at his son being captured, Helian Xiong was stunned for a while. Xu Xiyan took the chance and threw him over to the ground.

Helian Xiong tried to fire his gun, but Xu Xiyan was faster. She quickly stepped on his hand, releasing the weapon from Helian Xiong’s grip.

Xu Xiyan kicked the gun up and grabbed it, pointing it at Helian Xiong.

If people knew, they would not believe that all of this was done by a pregnant lady.

Helian Xiong and his son were finally apprehended and were brought away.

Helian Qingyu exchanged looks with Jing Xi and walked on stage.

“I would like to thank everyone who stood by my father’s side until the end. So, does anyone still think that we should vote for the next president?” Helian Qingyu asked as he stared through the crowd.

With what had just happened to Helian Xiong, the people who were making a scene remained quiet.

“I have a list of names here,” Helian Qingyu said while bringing a list up. “In it are people who sided with Helian Xiong.”

Upon seeing the list, people who had chosen to side with Helian Xiong became restless.

“I finally realized something after what happened today,” Helian Qingyu continued. “I realized that anyone who tried to overthrow the government must not be spared!”

Helian Qingyu slammed his fist on the table and silenced the crowd.

“Capture everyone who’s on this list!” Helian Qingyu ordered.

His men stormed into the meeting room and apprehended six people.

“Here is another list, a list of people who had no choice but to side with Helian Xiong,” Helian Qingyu said as he took another list out. “But because all of you were loyal to my father in the past, I’ve decided not to take action. But mark my words, if this happens again, I’ll definitely not let any one of you go!”

After taking care of everything, Helian Qingyu invited another person into the meeting. That person was his father’s attorney,

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