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Ouyang Qing, the Secretary of State, was also informed that he should come to the Blue House for a parliament meeting. Upon his arrival, a few asked if it was he who had called for a meeting ahead of schedule.

How could it be him?

While the officials were talking, a group of people came in from a side gate.

People found them to be the Chancellor of Finance, Helian Xiong, and his men.

He was in his uniform wearing a sword, and he paraded into the chamber, accompanied by his men.

They surrounded the chamber right away. Seeing their inappropriate actions, Ouyang Qing blocked his way and asked, “Helian Xiong, what are you doing?”

Helian Xiong was not intimidated at all. “Mr. Ouyang, please be seated. I have something to tell the gentlemen here.”

Ouyang Qing knew exactly what Helian Xiong was planning. He lowered his voice and warned him, “Helian Xiong, it is a critical moment for this country. You’d better behave yourself!”

Helian Xiong had come well-prepared and warned back in a lower voice, “Ouyang Qing, I suggest you behave yourself instead. Otherwise, I’m not sure if you will be able to leave here and see your wife and daughter again.”

“How could you…”

Ouyang Qing was shocked. Did that mean that Helian Xiong already had his family to blackmail him so as to take certain actions today?

“You’d better be seated now, Mr. Ouyang.”

Helian Xiong bypassed Ouyang Qing, headed to the platform and spoke out. “Gentlemen! I am calling this meeting on behalf of Mr. President. We are undergoing a tough time. And Mr. President is seriously ill. As a member of the Helian family, I have no option but to take my responsibility to guard our country. Now I suggest we vote to elect a new president. What do you think?”

People went into an uproar upon hearing this.

How could Helian Xiong propose a presidential election without the authorization of Mr. President?

The Opposition was immediately against it. “Our president is still alive. If we have to have a successor now, it should be General Helian Qingyu. You, as a Chancellor of Finance…how could you come here with your armed men and propose an election? Are you planning an uprising?”

“How would that be an uprising?” Helian Xiong seemed extremely rampant. “As the cousin of Mr. President and a member of the Helian Family, I have every right to do so. Well, if you want a succession, I have no objection, if Helian Qingyu can attend the meeting today.”

Helian Xiong said this because he was emboldened knowing that Helian Qingyu was still at the border and would never be able to make it.

Seeing through his wild ambition, Ouyang Qing stood up and spoke to his fellow officials. “Gentlemen, do not be blinded by his words. At such a time of national crisis, we should at least wait for Helian Qingyu to come back from the border before we have further discussions.”

Many echoed. But a few still insisted. “Election is essential to democracy. Even if Helian Q

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