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Chapter 1275: Bad Acting

Helian Qingyu initially thought that Xu Xiyan, who was pregnant, would be the one losing the fight, but when he reached the scene, he knew he was wrong as his mother was the one being beaten one-sidedly.

After Jing Xi was being pulled away, Yun Xuerou finally noticed that her son had come and grabbed onto his leg.

“Yu’er, you’re finally here… Look at what she did to me… she’s the culprit!” Yun Xuerou shouted as she pointed at Jing Xi. “You have to avenge me! Hurry up and capture her!”

Xu Xiyan looked at the crying Yun Xuerou as if she was watching a show; the only difference was that Yun Xuerou’s acting was terrible.

“That’s enough, mum! I’ll let someone send you back.”

Helian Qingyu was also disgusted with his mother, but he could not do anything because of their relationship.

After having Yun Xuerou sent away, Helian Qingyu turned to Jing Xi.

“I’m really sorry, I did not expect something like this to happen…”

“It’s not your fault anyway.”

“Are you all right? The baby…”

“I’m fine. I’ll go check up on my mum first,” Xu Xiyan said and ran back up the stairs.


Helian Qingyu tried to stop her, wondering if Xu Xiyan was really a pregnant woman or a warrior.

Xu Xiyan ran back to her mother’s room on the 8th floor, and Helian Qingyu followed after her.

Helian Wei was with Jing Ruyue in the room while Jing Ruyue still remained unconscious.

“Mr. President, how’s my mum?” Xu Xiyan asked as she grabbed her mother’s hands.

“She has gone into shock, but they managed to save her in time. The doctor said she will be fine once she wakes up,” Helian Wei replied. “I’m really sorry…”

“There’s nothing you need to apologize for. Please leave…”

Xu Xiyan had her back to them and did not turn to look at them.

All she wanted to do at that moment was to protect her mother.

Helian Wei decided that he should leave, and he took Helian Qingyu with him.

When they went back to the room on the 6th floor, Helian Wei asked, “Where’s that woman?”

“She got beaten badly by Jing Xi. I’ve already sent someone to take her home,” Helian Qingyu answered, knowing that his father was angry.

“Have someone watch over her 24/7. She must not leave the mansion without my order.”


Helian Qingyu also believed that putting Yun Xuerou on house arrest was the best course of action. He was worried that she might go to Helian Xiong if she was lonely again.

“Make some preparations. I’m leaving the hospital today.”

Helian Wei decided to leave early because there was a lot of work that had piled up.

“But, dad, your body…”

“I know my body very well, and it’s already fine. Hurry up!”

“Dad, calm down. Please take a look at this first.”

Helian Qingyu got a file from his assistant and handed it to his father. Helian Wei was shocked by its contents when he finally read through it.

“Traitor!” Helian Wei scolded as he slapped the table with th

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