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Chapter 1270: Very Eye-Catching

Upon hearing Jing Ruyue’s name, Helian Wei dropped the newspaper instinctively, got out of bed and came to the window.

He looked down at the garden and saw the slim Jing Ruyue sitting on a bench under the sun.

Is she enjoying the sunshine in the garden?

Helian Wei felt like going there too.

As his confidant, Jin Xiu knew that the president would prefer some privacy right now. So he retreated and closed the door.

Coming out of the ward he ran into Mrs. President Yun Xuerou. “Madam, what brings you here?”

Yun Xuerou was elegantly dressed as usual and carried a fancy handbag. She replied coldly, “Why shouldn’t I be here?”

“Excuse me, Madam. I have to report to Mr. President first.”

“Who am I? A stranger? No need to report to him. Back off!” Yun Xuerou scorned, and Jin Xiu had to get out of her way.

Yun Xuerou pushed opened the door and saw the lofty figure standing by the window. He seemed to be staring at something downstairs.

Instead of interrupting him, she came gently to his side and looked downstairs.

She wanted to know what was catching Helian Wei’s attention.

Down there in the garden, a woman in a striped hospital gown was sitting on a bench facing the sun. Her skin was exceptionally fair and her long hair danced in the breeze.

She was very eye-catching among lots of other patients.

It was almost impossible to miss her.

She was pale but impressively charming.

Yun Xuerou had fairly good eyesight. She tried to see clearly and was stunned by the sight of her face. She could not help gasping and moving backward.

Could that be…

Jing Ruyue?

How could she be here?

Yun Xuerou had no idea what Helian Wei had been up to lately, nor whether the woman down there was Jing Ruyue.

Her informants in the presidential palace had all been removed by Helian Wei. She could no longer keep a close eye on him now.

Therefore she had to pretend to be calm, and tried to ask ignorantly, “What are you looking at, Helian?”

Helian Wei was startled upon hearing Yun Xuerou’s voice. He turned to block the window and replied, “Never mind. What are you doing here?”

“After all, we are husband and wife. You are in the hospital. Shouldn’t I be worried?”

His being nervous confirmed Yun Xuerou’s guess. It must be Jing Ruyue downstairs.

She recalled the maritime dispute between Lstan and Estan from earlier on and wondered if that was because of Jing Ruyue.

It was ridiculous. How could she have awoken from a vegetative state after over a decade?

Why didn’t she die in her sleep?

“We were just nominal husband and wife. You shouldn’t take it seriously. You’d better go to your lovers rather than waste your time on a dying man like me.”

Helian Wei’s sarcasm annoyed Yun Xuerou. But she still replied calmly, “I know you never loved me. But I have to act like a wife while I am still Mrs. President.”

“Is that necessary at all? I propo

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