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Chapter 1265: Touching

The elevator reached the 6th floor in an instance. When the door opened, Jing Ruyue was shocked by the tall figure standing in front of her.

They could recognize each other instantly and be both taken aback.

Jing Ruyue never thought that she would meet Helian Wei at the elevator and nor did Helian Wei.

The first thing Helian Wei thought of when he woke up was Jing Ruyue. He waited until everyone was resting and left his room quietly, planning to visit Jing Ruyue on the 8th floor.

But Jing Ruyue had the same idea too.

Both of them stared at each other but did not say anything.

They remained like that until the elevator door began to close and Helian Wei stopped it with his hand. When the elevator door opened once again, Helian Wei stepped into it.

The door closed once again, and they both stood inside a small space.

Because Jing Ruyue was pressured from being too close to Helian Wei, she took a step back.

She looked at Helian Wei and noticed that he was wearing a hospital gown too. The only difference was that Helian Wei has a jacket over him.

Helian Wei also looked at her from above. He was trying to not blink as much as possible, it was as if he was worried that she might be gone again once he closed his eyes.

He could tell that Jing Ruyue’s body was skinny under the gown, unlike him who could almost stretch the dress out.

Helian Wei quickly took his jacket off and put it over Jing Ruyue’s shoulder.

The warmth from the jacket quickly enveloped Jing Ruyue, and it was very touching.

She tried to give it back to Helian Wei, but he did not give her the chance to do so.

“It’s cold. Put it on,” Helian Wei said.

It was still the same voice, the same tone that Jing Ruyue was familiar with.

Tears began to fill Jing Ruyue’s eyes as she dropped her head down, trying to hide them.

“Why are you here?” Helian Wei asked.

“For a walk…” Jing Ruyue replied, forcing her tears back.

“Me too,” Helian Wei said and pushed the button for the top floor. “Let’s go and get some air.”

Jing Ruyue did not reply. When the door opened, Jing Ruyue walked straight out to the balcony while Helian Wei followed closely behind her.

There was a bench on the balcony. They sat on opposite ends, leaving a space between them enough to fit a person.

They sighed as they were finally able to sit on the same bench together again after 20 years have passed.

They couldn’t help but recall the time when they were happy, a time they could not go back to.

Even though they were close to each other, but the space between them was more extensive than the ocean.

“Your son is really outstanding,” Jing Ruyue said, forcing herself to face the man next to her calmly.

Helian Wei smiled wryly.

“Your daughter too,” Helian Wei complimented back.

They did not continue to talk and stared at the night city.

The lights in the building shone dimly as if they were star

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