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Chapter 1293: A Huge Mess

Xu Xiyan did not need Helian Qingyu to thank her; she had done it all for her mother and father.

Even though she still could not address Helian Wei as her father yet, she knew that he was a great person.

“Where’s Yunshen? Do you know where he is?”

Xu Xiyan had heard from Huo Yunshen that he would be helping Helian Qingyu with the war. Even though Helian QIngyu had returned, she did not see Huo Yunshen with him, and it made her worry.

“He should be at the Southern Border now trying to prevent Lstan from invading,” Helian Qingyu said.

With how Helian Xiong planned a coup d’etat, Helian Qingyu was sure that Lstan would try to invade Estan from the south.

“We still have a war to fight there,” Helian QIngyu said, patting Xu XIyan’s shoulder. “I’ll go to the border after this and fight with my bro. Let’s go back to the hospital first.”

Xu Xiyan understood the situation. With the news of Helian Wei being sick in bed spreading to Lstan, Mo Yutian would take the chance to attack Estan.

“Then I wish you good luck,” Xu Xiyan prayed.

After Helian QIngyu dropped Xu Xiyan off at the hospital, he rushed straight to the Southern Border.

The fight had already started when Helian Qingyu arrived, as he could hear explosions near the port.

Huo Yunshen was the acting General, leading Helian Qingyu’s troops to fight against their enemy.

Lstan had brought most of its military powers and the ocean was filled with battleships.

Helian Qingyu rushed to the frontline and met up with Huo Yunshen to defend his country.

With the geographical advantage that Estan had, they were able to prevent Lstan from boarding their ships. Lstan’s invasion did not succeed in the end.

Almost half of Lstan’s ships were sunk and they could only escape back to where they came from.

Even though Estan had successfully defended their lands, they also suffered huge losses.

Huo Yunshen handed the General badge back to Helian Qingyu after the war.

“Thank you so much, bro. If you weren’t here today, the situation would be very different. It would be a huge mess!”

“Don’t celebrate yet. If I’m right, they will find a chance to attack again.”

“I know.”

“We walked straight into their trap!” Mo Yutian scolded.

Mo Yutian suspected that the news about Helian Qingyu’s death had been faked just so they could lure them out from the Dark Zone.

There was no other explanation that Mo Yutian could find to explain why the Southern Border was still heavily guarded when their powers should have been directed to the north.

And he could faintly see from his warship that Estan’s General was leading the war from the command center.

“But we did not leave with nothing. At least we got to learn about Estan’s situation. The news about Helian Wei being in critical condition is true, and Helian Qingyu is now the new President of Estan. We also have to save Lady White Tea from imprisonment.”

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