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Chapter 1277: Changed A Lot

“The renovation is almost complete. The grand opening will be held in a few days. I’ll have to accompany him to get some herbs in the afternoon,” Huo Yunshen said.

Huo Yunshen has been helping Jing Huaduo with his new clinic in Xu Xiyan’s place and has little time to visit the hospital.

“Then hurry up and go!”

“All right. I’ll come again after that.”

After Huo Yunshen had left, Xu Xiyan ate lunch with her mother.

Because Jing Ruyue could not eat much, she stared at the remaining foods and sighed.

“What a waste it would be if we were to throw these away.”

Xu Xiyan agreed with her mother, as it was a waste to throw away the food that her husband had prepared.

But she suddenly thought of an idea and said, “Mum, I’ll take care of them.”

She packed the remaining foods that were untouched and took them to the 6th floor.

But she did not take the food directly to Helian Wei and gave them to Le Xiu instead.

In Xu Xiyan’s opinion, she believed that her father needed as much nutrition as her mother.

She really hoped for them to recover as soon as possible.

Initially, Le Xiu was supposed to bring hospital food for Helian Wei.

But before he could even leave the 6th floor, he met Jing Xi in the hallway. She gave him a lot of food and told him to not tell Helian Wei that it was from her.

Le Xiu brought the food back to Helian Wei’s room happily. When he entered, Helian Wei checked the time.

He was curious as to how Le Xiu had returned with food in just one minute.

“I’ve brought the food, Mr. President,” Le Xiu smiled and placed the food in front of Helian Wei.

Helian Wei looked at the food and asked, “Since when did the hospital food get so good?”

Le Xiu smiled wryly and replied, “These are not from the hospital… They were from Jing Xi.”


Helian Wei was amazed. He was worried that Jing Xi and Jing Ruyue would ignore him after the incident that had happened a few hours ago, but now he was able to feast on food that his daughter had gotten for him.

He quickly chowed down on the food, not forgetting to compliment how good they were.

“These are really good!”

“Please, enjoy your meal,” Le Xiu smiled.

Le Xiu was happy to see the President chomping down on the foods, as Helian Wei had not been eating a lot for the past few days.

Le Xiu could not help but think that Jing Xi was an angel that was sent by God.

Ever since Jing Xi had come, a lot of changes had happened to Helian Wei.

Huo Yunshen hurried to the hospital the next day after taking Ying Bao to school, because it was the day that the report on Jing Ruyue’s donor would be completed.

Jing Ruyue’s attending doctor came into her room and smiled.

“Congratulations, we were able to find a match for you.”

“Seriously?” Xu Xiyan asked happily as she hugged her mother. “Thank God!”

Jing Ruyue also felt relief as the hospital had actually been able

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