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Chapter 1300: A Shocking Truth

“You and Yunshen?” Jing Ruyue guessed.

“You are half correct,” Xu Xiyan said. “This castle is now ours, but it used to be Helian Wei’s.”


After hearing her daughter’s explanation, Jing Ruyue was too shocked to utter a word.

Since Helian Wei was once the castle owner, it meant that the rose garden was also his.

It also meant that he had fulfilled his promise to her and spent more than 10 years on building the castle and garden for Jing Ruyue.

Jing Ruyue suddenly felt a pain in her heart, scolding Helian Wei for being stupid.

“He left the castle to you?” Jing Ruyue asked.

“Yup,” Xu Xiyan nodded. “But I’ve given it back to dad.”

“You’ve already told him?”

“Yes, mum, this will be your home from now on.”


Jing Ruyue could not say anything further.

“Mum, I know you and dad still love each other but were separated due to many things,” Xu Xiyan said, without waiting for her mother’s response. “I’m trying my best to let you live comfortably.”

“But what good is this? He’s still in the hospital, how can I live here without worrying about him?”

“I know that. But do you know why he’s in this state now?”

Jing Ruyue shook her head.

“Because he gave you one of his kidneys.”


It was a shocking truth for Jing Ruyue.

She always wanted to know who the one who gave her the new kidney was, but she never even suspected that it was from Helian Wei.

With Helian Wei’s condition, he was definitely unfit for a transplant, but he insisted on doing it.

Jing Ruyue blamed Helian Wei for being stupid as tears rolled down. Jing Ruyue turned to hug her daughter and began to cry.

Xu Xiyan waited until her mother stopped crying and said, “Come on, mum, let’s go to the top floor.”

Xu Xiyan led her mother to the master bedroom and let her go in.

When Jing Ruyue entered, she could see a man sleeping on the bed. It was Helian Wei.

“Isn’t he in the hospital? Why is he here?” Jing Ruyue asked as she jumped in surprise.

“Big bro has already approved of it. Now you can be by his side every day,” Xu Xiyan explained. “I know you have a lot to say to dad, so I’ll leave you two be.”

Xu Xiyan left, leaving Jing Ruyue and Helian Wei in the room.

Tears rolled down Jing Ruyue’s face again as she ambled towards the bed.

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