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Chapter 1290: An Abrupt Imposter

If they had watched her movies they would have known this girl. But barely any of the officials here knew her.

Helian Xiong was amazed at the sight of the charming girl. He asked, “Hey, young girl, are you sure you meant to come here?”

Xu Xiyan did mean to come here. She had been encouraged by her mother to come here, in order to help her father defend his country.

Slowly she came to the stage and answered, “Absolutely. I came here for my father.”

“Your father? Who is he?”

Xu Xiyan then turned to the crowd and said, “My father…he is the chief executive of Estan, President Helian Wei.”

Upon hearing her words, Helian Wei burst into laughter and a few others followed.

Everyone knew that Helian Wei only had one son named Helian Qingyu.

Everyone knew that their president had absolutely no scandals since he had been assigned to be the president more than a decade ago.

How could he have a grown-up daughter? What a joke!

“I know you probably can’t believe it. But me being his biological daughter is something that none of you can deny,” Xu Xiyan stated.

Helian Xiong finally stopped laughing and said, “Fine, fine. Even if you are his daughter, you should have gone to the hospital instead of coming here for him.”

Helian Wei was not the only one who found it hard to believe. Barely anyone at the scene could be convinced. They all thought she was merely a fraud.

“Helian Xiong!”

Xu Xiyan suddenly challenged him. “Aren’t you aware that, according to the presidential succession regulations of Estan, either the son or daughter of the president can be his legal successor? Even if Helian Qingyu were dead, my father still has a daughter. It will never be your turn!”

Helian Xiong was slightly stunned by her words. Upon taking a second glance he put on a more serious look and answered, “It is indeed so according to the regulation. But how can we know you are not some random imposter? How can you just come out of nowhere and claim to be the daughter of the president? Stop daydreaming! Go get her!”

Helian Xiong was almost out of his mind and could no longer care about the regulations. He ordered his men to arrest Xu Xiyan.

Right then someone shouted from outside the chamber, “Stop it!”

It was a very familiar voice. People looked outside and were shocked.

Was that… Helian Qingyu, who was said to be dead?

Was he still alive?

Indeed, Helian Qingyu had not died.

Shortly after his father was hospitalized, he had found out that Helian Xiong was conspiring for an uprising with Lstan and the Northland. That was why he had visited the Northland previously.

The president of Northland met with him and stated clearly that he was not going to help the rebels. Instead, he agreed to work with Helian Qingyu to get Helian Xiong.

Therefore, from Helian Xiong’s conspiracy to Helian Qingyu’s fake death, everything was under the control of Helian Qingyu and

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