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Chapter 1267: Heartwarming

It wasn’t until after three in the morning when a lot of people in soldier uniform were rummaging through the hospital as if they were looking for something.

The two women staying in the room were awoken by the commotion. Not knowing what had happened, Xu Xiyan put on her jacket and slippers.

“I’ll go check what’s going on,” Xu XIyan said to her mother.

Xu Xiyan went out and came back a few minutes later, her face showing that something has happened.

“What’s happening?” Jing Ruyue asked.

“Mum, they said that the President is missing. Qingyu and his troops are looking for him right now!”

“…” Jing Ruyue began to wonder if the man did not return to his room after she’d left.

“I’ll contact Yunshen to come and look with them,” Xu Xiyan said as she went for her phone.

“Wait, I think… I think I know where he is.”


Following what she has heard from her mother, Xu Xiyan went to the balcony on the top floor.

A red light flickered amid the total darkness, and Xu Xiyan walked towards it.

“Mr. President?” XU Xiyan asked.

“Jing XI?” a voice replied.

“You really are here!” Xu Xiyan yelled in surprise.

She turned on the flashlight and shone at the source of the voice.

Helian Wei was sitting on a bench and around him were ends of cigarette. It seemed to Xu XIyan that the President has been staying on the balcony for quite some time.

“Qingyu and his men are looking for you all over the hospital,” Xu Xiyan said. “And why are you smoking so much?”

“I’m sorry, my addiction is suddenly back.”

“You should cut down on smoking. Your body might not be able to handle it.”

“I will thank you.”

It was heartwarming to Helian Wei when he could hear his daughter worrying about him.

Now that Xu Xiyan thought about it, she wondered how her mother knew that the President was on the balcony.

Was mum here just now?

“Let’s go,” Helian Wei said, interrupting Xu Xiyan’s thought.

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan said and chased after Helian Wei, worried about his symptoms.

She walked Helian Wei back to his room and contacted Helian Qingyu.

Helian Qingyu rushed back to the room and scolded, “Dad! Can you at least let the guard know when you want to leave? Do you know how worried we were when you go missing? I was about to turn the whole hospital upside down!”

“I’m sorry,” Helian Wei apologized. “Did I cause any inconvenience to the patients here?”

“Not much. I wouldn’t have to check every corner if the cameras weren’t down,” Helian Qingyu said and turned to Xu XIyan. “Thank you for bringing him back.”

“Don’t worry about it. What’s most important is that he’s safe,” Xu Xiyan smiled. “If there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave first. I’ll visit you some other time.”

“Okay,” Helian Wei said, thinking that it might not be a bad thing for him to be hospitalized.

At the very least he was able to meet with Little Moon and their daughter.

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