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Chapter 1272: Getting Closer To Him

Jing Ruyue would never forget when she was with Helian Wei many years ago, Yun Xuerou used to try her best to jeopardize their relationship.

She was framed by Mo Xie and Lady White Camellia. Yun Xuerou was probably a part of it.

“Leave you alone? Do you think I would give up being Mrs. President so easily? How could you dare to think that I would give my best wishes to you and Helian Wei? I’m telling you now – I’ll never let you be together,” Yun Xuerou yelled hysterically.

“I’m not in the mood to argue mentally or physically. I only wish to live a peaceful life. Please leave me alone.”

“A peaceful life? You choose to stay in this hospital when Helian Wei is hospitalized. Is that what you call a peaceful life? How stupid do you think I am to believe you? You are simply trying to get closer to him.”

Yun Xuerou sounded outraged and looked ferocious.

It was exceptionally unbearable for her to see Jing Ruyue as beautiful and young as she was over a decade ago, while she herself was already an elderly woman.

How she wished she could tear her face up!

“Whatever. I’m telling you again. No one can take it from you if it belongs to you. Otherwise you could never win it whatsoever. Behave yourself!”

Jing Ruyue did not want to talk to her further. She turned to leave upon finishing these words.

But Yun Xuerou grabbed her once again and slapped her in the face. She was blown into a corner.

A bruised handprint appeared distinctively on her fair skin. And blood dripped out from her lips.

Jing Ruyue covered her cheek in pain and raised her head to stare at Yun Xuerou. “I didn’t realize you’ve become even more ruthless after all these years.”

“Thanks to you! It’s you who has always occupied his heart! He never touched me even when he married me. Just because of you! Do you have any idea how I felt or what I went through? It’s all your fault!”

Yun Xuerou could no longer control her anger. She kicked at Jing Ruyue violently and kept abusing her. “You bitch! Do you know he is divorcing me because of you? He proposed a divorce immediately after he learned you were back! Why didn’t you die!”

Jing Ruyue was so weak and could never stand up to Yun Xuerou’s abuse. She felt sharp pains on her ribs and could only curl up in pain.

Outside, Xu Xiyan found the cushion in the garden and returned to the ward on the eighth floor. But she did not see her mother there.

Xu Xiyan asked the nurses but none of them had seen Jing Ruyue.

How strange. Had she not come back to the ward?

Where could she be?

She wondered if her mother could have gone to her father.

Then Xu Xiyan rushed to the sixth floor and came to the president’s ward. The guards and Jin Xiu were standing at the door. Jin Xu saw her and knocked for her.

The door was opened. Xu Xiyan darted in but did not see her mother. It was only Helian Wei who stood by the window and seemed to be sear

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