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Chapter 1295: A Kiss First

Alice had prepared for this day to come, but she did not expect it to be so soon.

“Yutian, I’m really sorry…” Alice sobbed as she dropped her head and raised it up again. “I did this all because I want to be with you.”

Mo Yutian closed his eyes angrily as he tried to control his urge to kill Alice.

“I know what I did was unforgivable, but please forgive me for the sake of our child,” Alice begged as she kneeled and hugged Mo Yutian’s leg.

“How am I supposed to forgive you?” Mo Yutian scolded as he kicked Alice away. “You’re just a clone!”

“You’re right, I am a clone, but I also have feelings like normal people! I love you, and I need you. All I wanted was to be by your side, is that wrong?”

Tears rolled down Alice’s cheeks as she stared at Mo Yutian.

“No, I’m the one who’s in the wrong.”

Mo Yutian knew that even by killing Alice, he could not calm his anger. He just couldn’t do it.

Mo Yutian called his men into his room and ordered, “Lock her up in the dungeon. Don’t let me see her again.”

“Yutian! Please! The child…”

“There’s no way a clone could give birth to a healthy baby!”

Mo Yutian finally realized why the queen’s body was getting weaker every day. It was because she was a clone, and her body could not last.

And he had never even suspected anything.

He really thought he’d gotten his hands on Jing Xi.

Mo Yutian became even more depressed after Alice was locked up.

He could even hear her cries every night, and it was making his life even harder.

All he could tell himself every day was that he must not forgive those who betrayed him.

Mo Yutian had already learned that it was his sister, Lan Ling’er, who had brought the outsiders into his palace on the day of his wedding and swapped his bride.

The first thing Huo Yunshen did when he returned to the hospital was to meet his wife.

The moment Jing Xi saw Huo Yunshen coming into her mother’s room, she ran up and hugged him.


“Jing Xi!”

They hugged each other as if there were no other people around them.

“How’s the south?” Xu Xiyan asked after they had separated from each other.

“We won. The enemy has retreated back to the Dark Zone.”

“I knew my husband would win!”

Xu Xiyan wrapped her arms around Huo Yunshen and tried to kiss him.

“Hey, mum’s here.”

“Don’t worry, she’s asleep.”

All Xu Xiyan wanted to do at that moment was to give her husband a kiss as encouragement.

She pulled Huo Yunshen’s head forward and kissed him hard.

Jing Ruyue was actually still awake when everything happened and said, “Don’t stop. I’m already sleeping. Just ignore me.”

“…” Huo Yunshen was already speechless, but before he could do anything, Xu XIyan’s lips touched his again.

“Oh, right, you came back just in time. Let’s go take a look at Uncle Ouyang, he should be awake now,” Xu Xiyan said.


“Wait, I’m coming too,” said the woman

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