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Chapter 1302: Not Going Back On His Words

Even though Helian Wei was still lying unconscious, Jing Ruyue was sure that he would wake up someday.

And she would wait even if it would take a long time.

Huo Yunshen arrived at the castle to pick up his wife.

It was clear that Xu Xiyan was pregnant, and five months in. Her belly was swelling, and she wore a bubble skirt to hide it.

Since she could not wear makeup, she wore a hat with a veil to hide her face.

She still looked like she was a celebrity, and people would not notice that she was pregnant if they did not look clearly.

“Mum, grandpa’s new clinic is opening today, do you want to come with us?”

Jing Ruyue was tidying up her washed clothes. She looked at the man on the bed and shook her head.

“No, you two go ahead.”

Xu Xiyan knew that her mother did not want to leave her father’s side and Xu Xiyan respected Jing Ruyue’s choice.

“Okay, then we’ll leave now. Call us if anything happens.”

“Okay. See you.”

After Xu Xiyan had left, Jing Ruyue put the clothes in the wardrobe and went to plant some things in small pots.

Since she had nothing to do, Xu Xiyan had bought her a lot of pots and plants so that she could pass the time.

She has been planting quite a few plants, and they covered every corner of the castle.

Jing Ruyue was tending to the plants. She needed a small shovel, and someone handed it to her.

She thought that it was one of the servants and did not raise her head. Jing Ruyue continued to place the plant in the pot and watered it.

“This should be fine, right?”

“Yes, it’s pretty.” A familiar voice came from behind.

Jing Ruyue thought she was hearing things that she shouldn’t. But when she saw the slippers the man was wearing, she raised her head in surprise.

The one who had handed her the shovel was not a servant, but the man who had just woken up. It shocked Jing Ruyue so much that she let go of the pot in her hands.

The man was one step faster as he caught the plant and placed it right on the table next to Jing Ruyue.

Both of them stared at each other.

Jing Ruyue could not believe what was happening. She thought that she would have to wait for a long time for him to wake up, but miraculously, he was standing right in front of her.

Tears began to fog up her eyes as they dropped to the floor like pearls.

Jing Ruyue could feel the pain in her heart as her lips trembled, unable to utter a single word.

Tears were also apparent in Helian Wei’s eyes. He felt like he was the luckiest man in the world, as when he woke up, the woman that he treasured the most was right in front of him, sitting on the balcony tending to some plants.

He walked slowly towards Jing Ruyue and extended his shaking right hand. He held her face softly like the wind touching her face.

He was afraid that if he were to use any strength, she would disappear.

He lowered his head as his tears dropped onto her

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