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Chapter 1274: She Deserved It!


Very well!

Xu Xiyan never refrained from seeking revenge. Whoever mistreated her or her family was definitely her enemy.

Helian Wei said nothing further. Whatever Jing Xi would do to Yun Xuerou, she deserved it.

If Yun Xuerou was not a woman, he would have beaten her up himself. It would be good if Jing Xi could teach her a good lesson.

Helian Wei got Jing Ruyue back upstairs, while Jing Xi went downstairs. She saw the woman lying by the corner of the stairs leading to the basement.

She poured cold water on Yun Xuerou and woke her up.

Yun Xuerou was awakened. She felt distinctive pains as a result of falling down from the stairs. She tried hard to get up and found a woman standing by her side.

It was not Jing Ruyue, but her daughter, Jing Xi.

She was shocked.

Shouldn’t Jing Xi be in Lstan now?

Who is this woman?

Xu Xiyan did not put on any disguise these few days, because she thought it was safe in the hospital and that no one would expose her identity.

Now that Yun Xuerou had seen her real self, let it be.

“Mrs. Yun Xuerou, I have always respected you as Mrs. President. But how could you do such things? Why did you abuse my mother?”

Xu Xiyan stood high and akimbo, stern and chill.

She could actually kill when she was enraged!

Yun Xuerou managed to stand up despite the sharp pain. She laughed and said, “You should have asked your mother. What the hell has she done?”

“What did she do? She and Mr. President were truly in love. If it was not for your dirty work, how could you have become Mrs. President?”

Xu Xiyan disdained this woman. She did nothing but sabotage their relations.

Embarrassed as she was, Yun Xuerou did not want to lose her elegance and grace. She tried to put her hair back in place.

“You already knew it? Ha! Then I have nothing to worry about. After all, it was your mother who played the mistress. You are the daughter of a mistress. How dare you yell at me?”


Upon finishing these words Yun Xuerou was slapped badly in the face, with a bruise in the shape of a handprint being left on her cheek and blood dripping from her lips.

“How dare I? Let me show you what you’ve done to my mother!”

After a series of slaps, Yun Xuerou fell back onto the ground again.

Then Xu Xiyan rolled up her sleeves and started kicking at Yun Xuerou.

She could not stop kicking at her. Xu Xiyan would serve this woman ten times what she had done to her mother just now.

Mrs. President? Mother of the General? What the hell! She just deserved it!

Yun Xuerou was beaten up so badly that she kept howling, “Ouch! Ouch… I’m Mrs President. How dare you! You’ll pay for this!”

“Sure. I will pay for your treatment. Shall we send you to the emergency room right now? Ha?

“How dare you do this to me… I’ll ask my son to have you arrested…”

“Even if Helian Qingyu was here, he could not save you!”

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