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Chapter 1269: She Finally Knows

Xu Xiyan thought about the movie that she did, Landscape.

She thought of what kind of man Feng was.

He was handsome, calm, held a high position, and was unreachable.

The clues were there from the beginning for Xu Xiyan, but she never noticed them.

Xu Xiyan kneeled in front of her mother and asked, “Mum, please tell me that I’m right. Is Helian Wei my father?”

Jing Ruyue did not reply, only the sound of her tears could be heard.

Jing Ruyue has replied to her daughter with her tears and silence.

Xu Xiyan’s mind was in chaos and remained silent too. She sat on the floor, trying to sort things out.

She could finally understand her mother, why she was reluctant to tell her the truth.

Xu Xiyan’s father was right beside her all the time, and Jing Ruyue was keeping it from her.

All because her father was the President of a country and has his own family and son.

If they were to go and meet him and it was made public, Xu Xiyan and her mother would be in an awkward position.

They would become the third party in another person’s family, a mistress and a bastard.

Xu Xiyan’s mother did that so that she could protect her daughter.

But Xu Xiyan kept on pressuring her with questions, and it hurt her.

Xu Xiyan thought of her meeting with Helian Wei on the balcony not long ago and still could not believe that he was her father.

And now Xu XIyan’s father was lying in the hospital, and her mother was being treated for kidney failure. She cried to God as to why her parents have to go through such hardships.

Xu Xiyan could not help but cry on her mother’s laps.

Jing Ruyue cried too until their tears dried up. Xu Xiyan wiped her tears off and helped her mother also.

“I know why now, mum…” Xu Xiyan said. “Just pretend like I’ve never asked any questions and I still don’t know this secret. But please promise me that you’ll be strong. I can’t have my father now, and I don’t want to lose my mother.”

“I promise you…” Jing Ruyue nodded.

They could only pray for a better life in the future.

The sun shone the next day brightly.

Xu XIyan got a wheelchair and tried to get her mother to the garden in the hospital.

Jing Ruyue needed sunlight so that she could strengthen her immune system.

But Jing Ruyue did not want the wheelchair and said, “Let’s walk down there.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Xu Xiyan took a small pillow and followed her mother out of her room to the elevator.

When they exited the elevator, another woman entered the elevator next to them, barely missing them.

The garden was pretty, and the air was fresh in the garden. A lot of patients were also having a stroll in it.

After walking for a little while, they rested on a bench.

Helian Wei was reading his newspaper in his room on the 6th floor after his breakfast.

Le Xiu was with him by his bedside. When Le Xiu looked out the window and noticed a fa

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