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Chapter 1284: Something Had Changed

Jing Ruyue gathered from their conversation that, since Helian Wei was sick, the Helian family was put in danger.

There were people looking covetously at the presidency.

What should they do now?

Even if Helian Qingyu was Yun Xuerou’s son, he had a completely different character.

More like his father, he was honest and courageous, and a man of justice.

To some extent, Jing Ruyue hoped that he could succeed in the presidency. After all, he was Helian Wei’s child.

Now that their regime was endangered, Jing Ruyue had to put aside her concerns. She got hold of her daughter and said, “Yanyan, let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“I want… to see him,” Jing Ruyue said calmly.

When he had a wife she had tried to stay away. But the situation was different now. He was single, hence she had nothing to worry about.

Xu Xiyan had never seen her mother being so resolute. It seemed that something had changed in her just now.

She even proposed to see her father.

“Sure. I’ll go with you.”

From outside the window, Jing Ruyue saw the man lying inside the ward.

They’d had a talk in the rooftop garden just a few days ago. And now he was lying there in the ICU.

Xu Xiyan called Helian Qingyu and got his permission for her mother to get into the ICU.

Jing Yuyue put on the smock and entered.

She stood by the door. Seeing the man lying there in a coma, she felt like something was stuck in her throat, and she could no longer hold her feelings.

At a single glance, she burst into tears.

The love she had been hiding deeply in her heart was eventually exploding.

It was only a few steps from the door to the bed. But it almost took all her strength to make it.

She sat down by his side and looked carefully at his face.

She remembered every detail of that face distinctively, and painfully.

She got hold of his hand gently. His palm was warm, and his slim fingers seemed no less charming.


It took a lot of courage for her to finally utter the name.

“Feng, get well soon, do you hear me?”

“You promised not to leave me. Did you forget?”

“You said you would find our son and bring him to me. You have to keep your promise.”

Jing Ruyue sat by Helian Wei and kept talking and weeping.

She told him a lot, which she would have never said if he was sober.

Now she hoped for nothing but for him to get well soon.

She did not want to be left alone.

Outside the room, Xu Xiyan also burst into tears upon seeing her mother whispering and weeping by her father.

She left quietly to give them some privacy.

She called Huo Yunshen to check on the situation in Estan.

Huo Yunshen told her to take good care of her parents.

It was critical in Estan now. Ever since they heard about Helian Wei’s condition, the Northland had started planning for an invasion, and had finally launched the war yesterday.

Now Helian Qingyu was on t

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