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Chapter 1292: Meant To Be

Helian Wei had made two testaments previously, one for presidential succession, the other for his legacy.

Qi Fang was about to announce the presidential succession testament.

People were eager to hear it. Qi Fang came up to the stage, opened his briefcase and took out the confidential documents.

“Gentlemen, it is with great horror that I, Qi Fang, shall make this announcement on behalf of President Helian Wei as his private attorney.

“This is the presidential succession testament Mr. President made seven days ago. And now I will read it to you.

“I, Helian Wei, as the current President of Estan, am fully conscious when making this testament.

“With immediate effect, I shall hand over the presidency, together with the chief military and political executive power, to my son Helian Qingyu.

“I sincerely hope that the Secretary of State, and all the ministers and senators, will extend the same level of support to the new president, and make Estan thrive and prosper. I, Helian Wei, am truly grateful for you all.

“That is the end of the testament. Thank you.”

Upon finishing reading it, Qi Fang stepped down and Helian Qingyu came onto the stage again. He stated calmly, “With my father’s testament announced, with immediate effect I shall succeed my father to be the president of Estan and serve as the chief military and political executive. Is there any objection?”

There was nothing but silence throughout the spacious chamber.

No one objected. Instead, someone spoke aloud, “We support President Qingyu!”

Immediately after him, everyone raised their fists and yelled out their support for the new president.

With their warm acclaims, Helian Qingyu succeeded the presidency.

When the meeting was over, everyone left except Helian Qingyu, Jing Xi and Qi Fang.

Qi Fang did not leave because he had another announcement to make. “President Qingyu, His Excellence Helian Wei has another testament to be announced.”

“What for?”

Qi Fang opened the files again and read, “His Excellence Helian Wei has amended the legacy testament. He will donate the assets previously assigned to Ms. Yun Xuerou to charity instead.

“In addition, he will grant his daughter, Jing Xi, ownership of the Star Island as well as his three private manors.”

Then Qi Fang closed the files. Helian Qingyu was left stunned, and he stared at Jing Xi for a long while.

What did he miss?

What was his father keeping from him?

How come he never knew that he had a half-blooded sister?

And that sister happened to be Jing Xi?

Even Jing Xi herself was shocked. She did not expect Helian Wei to know that she was his daughter.

And she hadn’t expected that he had made a legacy testament for her.

The president’s Star Island was the largest in Estan. It was priceless.

Together with his other manors, it was a great fortune. How could he have left them to her?

Helian Qingyu stood in fro

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