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Chapter 1264: She Would Give It A Try

Jin Xiu got out. Huo Yunshen stayed with Helian Qingyu and talked with him for a while. Helian Wei was still in a coma, but he had to leave.

He went home for some supplies and took Ying Bao back to the hospital. His mother-in-law was awake by then.

Seeing her grandmother on a drip, Ying Bao ran to her and held her hand. “Grandma, does that hurt?”

“Not at all.” Jing Ruyue rubbed her on her little head and replied gently.

If it was not for the drip she would never have thought she was in a hospital. “Am I in the hospital?”

“Yeah, mother. You fell again. So we had to take you here,” Xu Xiyan answered.

“That was absolutely unnecessary. I will be fine after a nap.”

Jing Ruyue wanted to go home instead of staying here.

“No way! The doctor said it was quite serious. So you have to receive treatment here.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

Jing Ruyue knew that she was weak, but had no idea what the problem was.

“Mother, I’ll be frank with you,” Xu Xiyan held her mother’s hand and said. “You had been lying in bed for so long that your kidney is showing signs of failure. You have to receive treatment from now on, and probably need a kidney transplant.”

Jing Ruyue was not shocked. She knew she was sick. So she just asked, “Can they cure me?”

“Of course. But you have to cooperate. And we need you to stay happy.”

Xu Xiyan tried to comfort her.

“Alright. I’ll do whatever you say.”

As long as there was hope, she would give it a try.

She would ask for nothing but stay for a longer while with her family.

Then Ying Bao stayed and chatted with Jing Ruyue, while Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen talked about what had happened from some distance.

“Do you know who I met before I left the hospital just now?”


“Helian Qingyu.”

“What is he doing here again?”

“His father was sent here too.”


Xu Xiyan was surprised and asked, “What happened to Mr. President?”

“It was a heart attack.”

“How come?”

Xu Xiyan knew that Helian Wei was sick. Someone like him should take a good rest and never get provoked. But he had to take care of so many things every day. Working too hard was definitely no good for him.

Jing Ruyue was talking to Ying Bao when she overheard their conversation. It made her restless to know that Helian Wei was being hospitalized.

He had a heart attack again?

So was he in this hospital too?

The thought of him made her heart hurt. She was so worried.

Their conversation continued. Huo Yunshen said, “He is in the cardiology ward on the sixth floor. When I went there he was still in a coma.”

“When he wakes, let’s go to see him again!”

“Alright. We’ll go together.”

Helian Wei and Helian Qingyu had helped them tremendously and they had become very good friends. Now that Helian Wei was sick, they had to go to see him.

Jing Ruyue pretended that she had not heard anything. But she actually a

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