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Chapter 1281: Is It Possible?

Xu Xiyan thought that, since her father had divorced his wife, he could continue his relationship with Jing Ruyue.

It was such good news that Xu Xiyan could not hold her urge and told her mother.

“Mum! I have good news! The President and Yun Xuerou are now divorced!”


Jing Ruyue could not believe what she was hearing and wondered if it was because of her.

“Here. Look at it yourself,” Xu Xiyan said as she handed her phone to Jing Ruyue.

Jing Ruyue did not know how to use a smartphone and asked her daughter to help her put on the news.

Jing Ruyue only knew after reading the news that Helian Wei filed for divorce because Yun Xuerou had been doing things that brought harm to the Estan and its people.

She could not believe that, not only did Yun Xuerou not help Helian Wei while he was in office, but she even did things for her own benefit.

Not knowing what her mother was thinking, Xu Xiyan held her hands and asked, “Mum, I’m just saying, what if both you and the President could leave the hospital safely…are you willing to be with him again?”

“Stop it. Both of us are too old, it’s not possible.”

But truth be told, Jing Ruyue had never thought of the question.

She was wary of her status and position and decided to stay silent.

Even though Helian Wei was single again, Jing Ruyue never thought of what would happen after that.

“Why is it impossible? Yun Xuerou was the one who should have left from the beginning!” Xu Xiyan scolded. “She’s the one who interfered with both of you and made you suffer! You should think for yourself more. It’s time for you to be happy too. Don’t you want to be with the man you truly love?”

Xu Xiyan’s words were like a bell waking Jing Ruyue.

Jing Ruyue could not help but wonder if they were still able to be together or not after all those years.

She knew that the hardest part would be to overcome herself.

Xu Xiyan did not continue the conversation as she had decided that once her parents left the hospital, she would create the chance for them to be together.

In Xu Xiyan’s mind, people who loved each other dearly should be together no matter what happened.

The day Yun Xuerou was sent into the National Prison, Jing Ruyue underwent her surgery at 8 a.m.

Everything had been prepared before the scheduled time.

When Jing Ruyue was pushed into the operating theater, Helian Wei was in there with her too.

But a white sheet separated them from each other and Jing Ruyue had no idea that Helian Wei was on the other side.

The doctors removed one of Helian Wei’s healthy kidneys and transplanted it into Jing Ruyue’s body.

After four hours had passed, Jing Ruyue was moved to the ICU.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen both got up when they saw Jing Ruyue being pushed out of the theater.

The doctor told them that the surgery was a success. Upon hearing the good news, Xu Xiyan hugged her husband and cr

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