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Chapter 1276: Never Afraid Of Her

He coughed.

He coughed violently because of the shocking news.

Helian Qingyu patted him on the back and tried to calm him down. “Father, don’t worry. If they play dirty, we will take them all.”


Upon hearing the news, Helian Wei decided not to leave the hospital in a rush. He wanted to wait and see what they were up to.

Inside the ward on the eighth floor.

Xu Xiyan was helping her mother in applying the ointment.

The bruises all over her body had been made by Yun Xuerou’s pointed high-heels.

The bruises looked shocking on her fair, even transparent skin.

Luckily Xu Xiyan had her grandfather’s ointment for traumatic injuries. She applied it on her skin and hoped the bruises would disappear soon.

After a short while Jing Ruyue woke up. Xu Xiyan stayed by her side, held her hand and asked, “Mother, how do you feel?”

“Yanyan, I’m still alive…”

Jing Ruyue opened her eyes and found herself back in the ward. She had survived.

“Yeah, mother. You are safe here.”

“That woman…”

The thought of Yun Xuerou made Jing Ruyue worried. “She knows I’m alive now. What if she…”

“Mother, no worries. You will live a decent life here! We did nothing wrong and should never be afraid of her.

“OK. I’m fine now. Can we transfer to another hospital? I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

Jing Ruyue would like to stay away from Helian Wei and Yun Xuerou.

“Sure. But mother, we have to wait for the results of your kidney match. The doctor said we will know by tomorrow. If we can find a match, let’s have the surgery here and leave afterward. Shall we?”

Xu Xiyan tried to comfort her.

“Fine!” There was nothing else she could do now.

But Jing Ruyue did not want to make a scene and told Xu Xiyan, “Don’t tell your grandfather and uncle I’m here. OK?”

“Sure. I didn’t tell them. I said we went for a trip.”


At noon, Huo Yunshen brought lunch for them. Seeing his mother-in-law looking pale, he asked, “Is mother OK?”

“My mother…”

She was about to tell him when Jing Ruyue pinched her hand slightly and hinted for her not to say anything. Xu Xiyan had to say instead, “Mother is fine. Let’s see what you’ve got for us.”

“Just some simple dishes. See if you like them.”

Xu Xiyan had been in charge of taking care of her mother in the hospital lately, while Huo Yunshen stayed at home and took care of their daughter.

Whenever he had time he would cook at home and bring it to the hospital for them.

Looking at the various healthy and nutritious dishes Huo Yunshen cooked for them, Xu Xiyan could not help praising, “This is great! Thank you, darling!”

They placed a small table over the bed and took out the dishes. Jing Ruyue also praised, “Well, Yunshen, you do cook great! Yanyan, how lucky you are to have married him.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” Xu Xiyan smiled.

But Huo Yunshen did not think so. “Mother, you are

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