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Chapter 1266: Wait For Me

Jing Ruyue sighed quietly. She would give him her heart if that could make him healthy.

She said nothing further. But he could not help asking, “How do you feel now?”

She did not want him to worry. Therefore she smiled and made it sound fine. “Pretty good. Still a bit weak. But I’ll be fine!”

Her kidney was showing signs of failure. Yet she still claimed to be fine.

That was typical her, keeping everything to herself and never sharing her burdens.

Helian Wei was heartbroken to see her suffering. How he wished he could suffer for her.

He even wished that one of his kidneys could be a good match; he would be more than happy to give one to her, so that she could live a better life.

“Will you… stay in Estan?” Helian Wei asked cautiously. He knew that her daughter and son-in-law had settled here. So he wanted to know her plan too.

“Maybe. It doesn’t really matter.”

For a person who had gone missing for over a decade, it did not make much difference where to live. It only mattered whether there were people she cared for.

“If you need anything, do tell me. I’ll do whatever I can.”

“Thank you.”

Her being polite made him upset. He tried to ask, “Xiao Yueliang, could we ever…”

She saw through him and interrupted before he could finish. “No. The Jing Ruyue you knew already died more than ten years ago.”

She would not give him a chance, or any hope. Helian Wei could only stare quietly at her with a broken heart.

In the end, Jing Ruyue decided to leave. She stood up and gave back his jacket. “Thanks for your jacket. But we’d better not see each other again. It’s best for both of us.”

Helian Wei: “…”

Before he could reply, she had already turned away in the night breeze and her slim figure was fading into the darkness.

Seeing her almost reach the door, he stood up and asked, “Xiao Yueliang, we had a son too. Right?”

So does he already know about their two babies?

Is he aware that Jing Xi is his daughter?

Jing Ruyue turned back suddenly and stared at him.

It had been so long since he had called her Xiao Yueliang last.

The night breeze lifted her long hair and unveiled her fair face. It was so thin and made his heart skip a beat.

She stared into him without saying a word.

And she almost burst into tears.

“One day, I will find our son and bring him to you. Wait for me, Xiao Yueliang.”

When he finished the words she had already disappeared through the door.

He could find no more excuses to make her stay. He felt heartbroken and could barely breathe. He grabbed his shirt tightly.

But he had no idea that she almost collapsed in a rain of tears when she got into the elevator.

Back in the ward, Xu Xiyan vaguely heard some noise and woke up to see her mother coming back in from outside.

“Where were you, mother?”

Jing Ruyue lay down again and said, “Went to the bathroom. Sweet dreams!”

Then they went to

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