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Chapter 1227: Complicated Feelings

Now that they were out of danger, they began to change out of their wet clothes.

Jing Ruyue tore off the fake face that she had on and put on a light beige dress with tree leaves as designs that she got from Lan Ling’er.

Even though the design of the dress was clean and pure, which was suitable for younger girls, it looked good on Jing Ruyue.

It was as if she had not aged ever since she fell asleep. She even looked better than Lan Ling’er in the dress.

After Jing Ruyue finished changing, she stepped out onto the deck and was met with a smile from Helian Qingyu.

Jing Ruyue was instantly stunned by him, as the man before her looked a lot like Feng.

It was as if the man before her was made from the same mold as Feng, the only difference being that the man was way younger.

Jing Ruyue turned to look at the other man, who was seriously attractive, and wondered what connections he had with the Jing family to make him risk his life saving her.

“Thank you, both of you,” Jing Ruyue said.

Huo Yunshen smiled, thinking that there was no need for Jing Ruyue to thank him, and looked at the harbor that was not far away from them.

“Look over there,” Huo Yunshen said while pointing at the harbor. “Jing Xi is waiting there for us.”

Everyone turned to look towards the harbor and they could see a lot of people standing there.

Huo Yunshen was eager to let his wife meet her long lost mother.

Jing Xi was waiting impatiently at the harbor with Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan.

She kept praying to God that Huo Yunshen and co. could save her mother without any harm.

With Jing Xi was also Helian Wei, and his personal guards standing behind him.

He personally directed all marines to protect and provide safe passage for Huo Yunshen’s boat that day.

As soon as he got the signal, he ordered his troops to fire at Lstan’s Phantom Squad.

Among the explosions and gunfires, he could see a white yacht heading towards them.

At that moment, Helian Wei could not even express his own feelings.

He really wanted to meet his Little Moon, but another side of him was worried that she was not on the yacht.

It was very complicated.

The yacht finally stopped at the harbor, and the people waiting there could see those who were on board.

Huo Yunshen and Helian QIngyu stood by the edge and waved towards their waiting friends and families.

With the expressions that both of the men had, Jing Xi was sure that their plan was a success.

The yacht finally stopped, and both of the men onboard guided the ladies down.

The first to step out was Lan Ling’er, followed by a woman in a light beige dress.

Her hair moved slightly with the wind, covering half of her smile.

Her skin was pale under the sunlight as if she was a pearl that shone brightly.

The woman scanned the faces at the harbor and finally spotted one that she was familiar with.

It was the face of a man

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